10 Best Pressure Points to Get Rid of Headaches And Migraines Quickly


Headaches are one of the most common illness we suffer today. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), almost 50 percent of all adults in the world will suffer the pain in any given year. Besides our stressful lives, there are several other reasons for headaches. Emotional distress and depression are some of the common reasons why it happens, other than that high blood pressure or some medical conditions can also cause headaches. It comes without a warning and can make your day unpleasant. During this time, the only thing we can think of is popping a pill. The frequent usage of which does more harm than good. Instead, there is a way to find quick relief with just the power of touch.

We are no strangers to the word acupressure or reflexology. We have all heard of it at some point in time in our lives but may not be too familiar with its goodness. It is an ancient Chinese technique of healing which is absolutely safe and natural. By just stimulating a few pressure points on the body, we can initiate healing and find quick relief. Just massage the following acupressure points for migraine relief.

As per the philosophy, pressing a few pressure points for headaches found in various places on the body releases the tension, stimulates energy flow to the blocked channels and relieves pain and trauma. Good news is all you need is knowledge of these acupressure points for a headache which is easily available on the internet and you do it at any place and any time just when you sense the stress kicking in.  

  1. Union Valley: One of the most effective headache remedy pressure points is the point that lies between the web of thumb and index finger. It can be easily located when you stretch all your five fingers out. This point is said to relieve even the most severe headaches. However, pregnant women are advised against using this point for the cure. All you must do is apply pressure for 10 seconds and then make circles with your thumb of the other hand in one direction for another ten seconds. Repeat, the same on the other hand. These pressure points to relieve headache release stress from the neck as well.

  2. Drilling Bamboo points: These points are located in the inner eye, the inside ends of the eyebrow where the bridge of the nose starts. Pressing these points firmly relieves a headache caused by stress, eyestrain, and sinus pain. Apply pressure repeatedly for 10 seconds, until the point seems stimulated. It is one of the most popular pressure points for headaches and self-treatment.

  3. Third Eye: We all know of this point. It is located between the eyebrows, the area between the bridge of the nose and forehead. You can actually stimulate this point by gently touching and massaging this point regularly. As soon as you begin to apply pressure on this point not only reduces a headache and migraine pain but also releases a sense of calm and clears mental blockages.

  4. Gates of Consciousness: These are one of the major migraine relief pressure points located at the nape helps us find the balance between mind and body enabling us to heal ourselves. Discover the vertical muscles in your neck, just below the base of the skill. Massage it upwards for 10 minutes. There is no harm in applying strong pressure to this point.

  5. Heavenly pillars: This pair of pressure points to relieve a headache are situated at the backside of the neck, right below the base of the skull, very close to Gates of Consciousness points. Applying pressure to these points relieves stress, a headache, neck stiffness, eye strain, and migraine pains. For chronic headaches, repeat acupressure several times a day. This point also benefits those suffering from a cough and cold.

  6. Welcome Fragrance: These are facial acupoints that lie next to the nostrils, right beneath your cheekbones. Applying pressure to this point cures routine headaches, headaches due to the cold and runny nose and congestion. Besides, it improves breathing and can be used to treat several issues like Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Acne, Abscesses of the Mouth, and Toothache.

  7. Wind Mansion: It is sometimes also known as “Palace of the Wind.” It is situated in the center right below the skull. The best way to stimulate this point for instant relief is to either press it with the middle finger or drop your head back and make it rest on your finger, while you massage it. Keep breathing while you apply the pressure on this point. You can expect to relieve a headache, neck stiffness, stress, emotional congestion, sore throat, dizziness and more.

  8. He Gu: It is one of the most famous pressure points for headaches that is situated on hands. It can be found in the flesh between thumb and index finger. It relieves pain and several other ailments like sinus, migraines, toothache, eye strain, redness in the eyes and more. It is suggested to massage this point with the thumb for at least 5 minutes on each hand for relief from chronic issues.

  9. Shoulder Well: easy to locate, these migraine relief pressure points are situated on your shoulders, in the flesh between the base of your neck and highpoints of your shoulder. Massaging it downwards for a few seconds repeatedly helps to relieve a headache, neck pain, and back pain.

  10. Bigger Rushing: This point is located between the first and the second toe. It relieves several kinds of pain quickly.

Now that you know about the 10 best pressure points for headaches, try it out the next time you feel stressed out or suffer from a headache. Instead of relying on painkillers, try the self-treatment of acupressure.