10 Range Hood Design Ideas For Your Modern Kitchen



A Range Hood is a device that hangs over your range top, with a mechanical fan inside it, to remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, and odors from the air. So how do you include this invaluable device in your kitchen, without completely ruining the look?

There are many distinctive styles available, so you can make your selection based on the theme you’ve chosen.

The simplicity of Black-and-white

If you’ve chosen the matte black and stainless-steel look, and you’d like your range hood to be the breath-taking finishing touch; you could choose the square, clean lines of a matte black hood, with stainless steel trimmings for that classic ultra-modern look.  

Color me beautiful


Your range hood can introduce your theme color into your kitchen. If your cabinets and floors are all white or neutral tones, and your budget doesn’t allow for a total remodel, add a range hood in whichever color you would like to bring in, to bring your kitchen to life.

Curvy Diva


Who says range hoods have to be all straight lines? You can choose a hood with curved lines, to add some character to your kitchen, while retaining the modern functionality. This type goes well with shaker style cabinets and is available in a wood finish too.

Go Tubular

Cylindrical hoods are a great option, offering gleaming brushed steel looks while adding an ultra-modern look to your kitchen. Twin cylinders, with lights mounted inside, will light up your range top, offering the ultimate in both functionality and aesthetics.


Wood you dare?

If you prefer the more rustic look, without losing out on the modernity of a range hood, you can opt for the covered range hood idea, where the hood is cleverly hidden behind the rustic wood, to fit in with your rustic décor.  

In a corner?

In a smaller kitchen, you may have to squeeze your range top into the corner. No problem! There are corner units in all colors and finishes, to fit neatly over your corner range top. They offer you the benefit of the extractor, while still lending itself to the main theme of your kitchen and taking up minimal space.


It’s all White now…

Nothing seems to look as clean and neat as an all-white kitchen. You can choose white cabinets, white range top and finish it off with a matte white hood; keeping your kitchen looking bright, clinical and ultra-modern.

Nail the look!

You can make your cooker hood the focal feature of your kitchen, by going for the magnificent burnished iron look hood, with nail head detail. This is a bold hood and needs other bold features to make sure it doesn’t completely dominate your kitchen.

Undercover overhead

Range hoods don’t have to be the focal point of the kitchen either, so if you prefer, you can go with the compact look, neat and simple, in a colour and material that blends into your kitchen cabinets, your hood could also just be there to perform its function, without drawing any attention to itself.

Steel the show

Going for the super modern steel-and-glass look? There are several steel and glass hoods to choose from, no matter how large or small you need it to be, there is a hood out there to fit the exact dimensions of your range top, without compromising on the showstopper look you’re aiming for.


Range hoods perform an important function in the kitchen; keeping the air clean and healthy. They can become the focal point, or blend into the décor in such a way that you don’t see them at all.

There are almost endless possibilities when choosing the right one to suit your dream kitchen.