10 Reasons You Need A Swim Spa


In the 1980s, swim spas were invented, yet they didn’t come popular until the last decade. They offer a powerful and steady current by using the paddle-wheel devices, jet propulsion, and water that has the speed of 2 and up to 8.5 mph. Even though the current is strong, it will never come between you and your swim laps and workouts due to the consistency of the water flow that will never let you hit the end of the spa. The spa has two main sections that allow doing workouts and relaxing after them. Some swim spas, which are usually small in size, are not heated as much as hot tubs. However, larger swim spas have “dual-zone” heating; the primary section for the workouts is cold, while the second one for relaxing is hot. 

The installation of swim spas differs in cost and the required effort depending on your preference on whether you would like it to be installed in your garden, or if that you would prefer a built-in model. Built-in models are definitely more expensive. There are some disadvantages of swim spas that you should be aware of before deciding on getting one. The most important one is the high electricity and heating bills. Swim spas can’t also be used for summer parties, however, if you are a professional swimmer or an athlete, you should definitely go for it. Here, we have collected 10 more reasons why you might need a swim spa. 

  1. They Offer A More Cost-Efficient Swim Pool 

Swimming pools are usually between 8 to 12 meters long, while swimming spas are usuallybetween 4 to 6 meters. That’s why swim spas are definitely cheaper when it comes to their initial cost. Not only the initial cost is lower than swim pools, but the use of water, the required heating, and the chemicals are less due to the size difference. Instead of forking out more than $70k on a pool, many resorts to owning a spa swim that started with $14k. The drastic price difference while having the same benefits give swim spas an advantage over the other options. Whether you decided on the built-in model or installing a swim spa in your garden, the cost of installation is much less than constructing an in-ground swimming pool that requires a lot of labor work to get done. You can save up on your money and your time by avoiding the prep work that goes into creating enough space for a pool. Even if you went for the most expensive swim spa that has all the accessories and all the features you desire, purchasing and installing it will still cost you much less than choosing a swimming pool and trying to install it. 

  1. Hot Tubs Benefits As Well 

You can find the same benefits of hot tubs in swim spas. The features usually include illumination, jets ergonomic seating, control panels, and the dual-zone for heating to offer a dual experience of the hot tub to relax and another zone of the swim section for workouts. Instead of going to physical therapy, you can enjoy the relaxing movement of the water in the comfort and the privacy of your own home. The warm water helps in reducing stress, anxiety, improve insomnia, and it can also heal pains and aches. Swimming in swim spas can even improve your social life due to their effect in making you more relaxed and content. The equipment available at swim spas is top-notch for recovering from injuries. From the jetted seats to do a massage for your muscles, the dual zone with hot and cold water, and the temperature control panels to offer a great healing experience for tore muscles, pains, and cramps. 

  1. They Offer A Good Work Out Experience 

In pools, you worry about turns, running into the wall, or jumping too deep that you hit the ground, swim spas erase these concerns and the possibility of these incidents. They create more fun and enjoyable environment that you can continuously swim in. The interruption-free environment lets you really get into your zone where you can have fun with your workouts without all the worries that you might have in swimming pools. Endless pool - swim spa promises a laminar current where you can even choose to have rowing equipment or an underwater treadmill to upgrade your normal swimming workouts. The water carries most of your weight effortlessly for you to be able to perform any kind of exercises or workouts that you desire. You will feel as if the weight of the world has been literally lifted off of your shoulders, this will give you a sense of freedom to proceed with any heavy workout in mind. At the same time, in the water, you have an extra resistance to move against which gives you the ultimate benefits of your workout sessions without even sensing it. Letting your mind go without any worries is mentally comforting to get the maximum workout experience. 

  1. Hydrotherapy 

The water-based therapy (also known as the aquatic therapy and hydrotherapy) helps many patients to recover from their serious injuries. The therapy depends on the movement of water for a massage, buoyancy and the laminar current for relaxing your muscles, and the right temperature to offer a wholesome experience. This combination has the ability to raise the quality of life after continuous use to any recovering patients. The water helps in speeding up the healing process through the use of improving the blood circulation due to the constant movement you will be able to do in the waters. Many people who suffered from injuries, especially in their legs, that prevented them from walking properly, have chosen to start learning again how to walk in pools. Why? The water makes it easier to move your legs when your body is weak while working on your muscles and strength, which will eventually give you the ability to move freely on drylands. Hydrotherapy also helps in relaxing the muscles for patients who suffer from joint pains, aches, and poor mobility. Before deciding on hydrotherapy, you should seek professional medical help to make sure that it will beneficial for your condition. 

  1. A Wide Variety Of Health Benefits 

Your mental and physical health could seriously improve after using swim spas for enough time. The movement of water offers relaxation that helps in many aspects of your overall health. Things that you might notice huge progress in are: 

  • Improved sleep patterns 

  • Relaxing and releasing muscle tension. 

  • Improving arthritis and joint pain. 

  • Losing weight and toning your body.

  • Speed recovery from injuries and surgeries.

  • Improved mobility.

  • Better mental health as they can relax your mind to stop overthinking. 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety.

You can spend some time with your loved ones in this stress-free environment where you can relax together and catch up. Trying to swim spas with your close family members or friends could be fun and a new experience that will help you get closer to each other. 

  1. A Private Environment For Swimming Lessons 

Sometimes we feel too anxious in public pools with all the other people around us that we put off even considering learning how to swim. Whether you are anxious about swimming classes for you or you are afraid for the safety of your children, swim spas offer an opportunity for private swimming classes. Sometimes it’s not about anxiety, it might be that maybe you can’t find any good nearby pools or any pools at all. Swim spas give you the best environment to let go and focus on learning how to swim. Swimming is a basic skill in our modern day, whether it’s for safety, health purposes, or for pure enjoyment. You should give yourself the chance to enjoy this hobby without having to worry too much. 

  1. You Will Be Able To Control The Current 

Unlike pools, you can change the current intensity to suit any swimming level you desire. This feature will help you upgrade your style by slowly climbing the ladder of different swimming styles and techniques. Adjust the current to suit your level, then slowly watch yourself progress to the next level. You can choose to walk at first, row, or swim professionally. The water resistance available at swim spas can help you in burning more calories than doing the same workout on drylands, losing weight and fat mass, and improving your fitness level. You can choose more relaxing exercises like yoga to stretch your muscles and clear your mind. Chances are, you won’t even notice the resistance, however, it works by increasing the effectiveness of your workouts. The cool water while exercising keeps you relaxed while postponing any feeling of fatigue. The hot water afterward will release the tension in your muscles from your workouts which gives you the perfect combination for a better environment to increase your exercise quality.  

  1. Bigger Swim Spas Are Usable Throughout The year 

Many pools don’t have the option to be heated which makes them impossible to use during the cold days of winter. Hot tubs are impossible to enjoy in the summer. Swim spas, on the other hand, offer you the two options that you can choose from to suit the weather. You can use the primary section that has cool water in the summer and adjusts the heat in the second section to be warm and tolerable. In the winter, you can warm up the main section so you can do your workouts, and enjoy the secondary section to chill and relax in the hot water. There are advanced control panels that are available to be able to control the temperature of your swim spa zones to suit your needs according to the weather. 

  1. The Convenience

Having a swim spa saves you from the unneeded hassle. Forget about the anxiety of public pools, the drive to fancy spas to pamper yourself, or searching for physical therapy centers. Take your rejuvenating swim hat is available within just a few steps away from you without all the worries many who go for pools suffer from. The most convenient feature of the swim spa is its perfect size. Not too small to take away the freedom of working out, and not too big that it won’t fit in your garden, or would take a lot of effort and money to make it happen. Swim spas are extremely easy and convenient when it comes to their use, cleaning, and installing. It’s not a problem if you don’t have enough room in your garden, you can just choose the right size for your backyard to add a new fancy touch to it. 

  1. It Creates A Backyard Oasis 

The swim spa offers you the chance to relax and unwind after a big day at work or college, to let go of all the stress and your tense muscles, and to pamper yourself as you deserve. Other than that, it can be the centerpiece that brings your whole backyard together, artistically. Many people decide on adding swim spas to renovate their garden. Using fountains and lighting options will even add more to its glamour. If you don’t have enough space in your background or you won’t be able to enjoy a private swimming session, you can always choose to install your swim spa indoors. You can turn your basement upside down by adding a swim spa that makes the place cozy, welcoming, and relaxing. Choosing to install swim spas indoors has its benefits, the most important one of them is ignoring the weather outside. Your basement, garage, or sunroom could offer the perfect private and quiet environment for your swim spa so you will be able to enjoy your time to the maximum.   


The Dual Experience

Think about the best things you like about a hot tub and its convenience, and the best features of pools, now combine them. Swim spa, an interesting hybrid, has managed to offer you the affordability of a hot tub with the big size and enough space for a pool to be able to work out freely. Many confuse swim spas for hot tubs, even though both inventions have a lot in common, they are still quite different in many aspects. Swim spas are basically hot tubs that offer you the advantage of doing all your workout options without any hassle.