10 Simple Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalism has become a famous room style these days. Unlike other designing styles, a minimalist interior for bedrooms aims for a natural, affordable, and a soothing way of transformation. This means what you junk is as essential as what you purchase.


If you’re ready to create a minimalist-inspired bedroom of your dreams, here are the ten simple tips that you should consider:


1.  Choose a simple bed frame.


In most cases, having a minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive. It only requires the addition of very few objects. Thus, if you want a minimalist feel for your bedroom, go for a simple bed frame.


Remember, your bed is the center of your room’s attention, which is why it doesn’t look good if you can see a lot of decorations with it. So, try using a simple metal bed frame or a platform bed to achieve a particular minimalist feel.


2.  Reduce the number of colors.

Simple Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

Reducing the number of color palettes in your bedroom can have a minimalist feel to it. To do that, limit the colors of your bedroom to 1 or 2 colors only. Common minimalist colors are white, beige or neutral colors.


When choosing for the color palette that you want, make sure it blends well with your pillow covers, duvets, or rugs. It’s best that your bedroom colors compliment well with the rest of the objects to make sure everything is in theme.


3.  Buy neutral-colored bedding.


Purchase beddings with neutralized tones such as pale greys, beiges, or creamy whites. If you douse your bedding in a neutral palette, you can incorporate accent colors that give your private space the Zen or minimalist vibe you’re looking for.


If you want to get the most out of minimalist design for your space, a simple guide to creating a minimalist bedroom can be a great source of information.

Simple Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

4.  Select simple wall art.


You can easily place anything you want on your bedroom’s walls. However, if your goal is to create a minimalist design for your space, you can limit your wall art to 1 or 2. Instead of putting a gallery frame or an intricate art, it may be better if you opt to have something simple like vector art. Take note that vector arts have limited colors and simple shapes, making it an excellent minimalist wall art to accessorize your boring wall.


5.  Let natural light in.


Lighting can play a vital role in creating a minimalist style of bedroom. It can be an overall accessory on its own with the least amount of wall art and furniture pieces. All you need to do is to clear your curtains away, but if you want a little privacy, you can use a thin curtain to let the light in.


6.  Keep the electronic cables.


In today’s world, every person has multiple gadgets which is why several electronic cables tend to fill up your bedroom. Unfortunately, seeing wires everywhere in your room doesn’t conform to the minimalist style of decorating.


Hide the cables that you don’t use and put them in the drawers. If these cables are extra-long, roll them up and tie them neatly. Moreover, you can also minimize your cable problems by going for wireless gadgets or having a wireless charging stations.


7.  Get a single dresser.


Get down to a single dresser. It’s one of the minimalist storage ideas that can keep your room look as decluttered as possible. However, if you can’t do this, just keep your dressers away from the bed. By doing it, you can make the surroundings of your bed simple and clutter-free.


8.  Keep some walls empty.


Typically, there’s nothing wrong in putting a wall art in your bedroom. However, keeping some walls bare can also be a good minimalist interior design tip. Having an empty wall can give your space a less cluttered look. Plus, if you want to take a photo of yourself or your pet, a plain wall can be a great background.

Simple Tips To Create A Minimalist Bedroom

9.  Add something green.


Adding plants can also be a great minimalist interior design idea. Besides, bringing nature can make your space feel natural, homely, and warm. Not only do they become a beautiful addition to your bedroom, they also don’t take up too much space.


If you aim to maximize the minimalist aesthetics of your area, it’s useful to add a pop of green in the form of a plant. Be sure the plants you choose require low-maintenance, which means they can survive for days even without water. Some examples include Snake plant, Aloe, Pothos, Fittonia, and many more.


10.  Keep everything neat and tidy.


This can be one of the most important ways of creating a minimalist bedroom. Not only that, it can also be the quickest way to transform your bedroom from a messy place into a peaceful and clutter-free relaxation sanctuary.


If you want to ease your mind, follow these tips to keep your room clean and tidy from the get-go:


  • Toss everything that is no longer useful for you. Try to use a declutter method to simplify the process. For example, you can go through your closets and identify which items you haven’t used for six months or more.

    This will also apply to some collectible items, photos hanging on the wall and other bedroom debris. What’s important is that you’re freeing your space for the things that genuinely matter to you.


  • Put all your stuff in their proper places. Add a closet organization system so all your things will be placed in an organized manner. That way, you’ll not have a hard time looking for your stuff in the closet.


Bear in mind, a minimalist interior design is all about editing and pairing down all your excess stuff. Thus, you should craft your room in a way that it feels like you want to spend most of your time there after a tiring day at work.  




In reality, a minimalist bedroom doesn’t need too many things to make it more relaxing. What it actually needs is less than those you have in a typical bedroom set up. Follow these simple tips, and you can have a simple and clutter-free aesthetic and ambiance in your bedroom in no time.