10 Things to Do at the Beach

Fun Waterfront Activities for Summer

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There’s not a lot more enjoyable than a summertime beach vacation with the family. Getting away with the kids and taking in the wonders of the ocean is always enjoyable for the whole family. After having visited the educational areas you want to expose your children to (the local aquariums, museums, etc.), you all just want to relax and spend as much time on the beach as possible. But even the most exciting and relaxing part of the beach can get boring after a while (especially for the little ones). Here are ten fun beach activities to spend your time enjoying the shores:

Kite Flying

Most beachfront little towns have somewhere where you can buy kites. If the wind picks up (let's be real, it usually does) take the kids to pick out a kite and enjoy the afternoon flying kites on the beach (something everyone should do at least once in their life).

Horseback Riding

A lot of beaches have places where you can rent horses and ride on the beach. Go on a nice long ride at sunset (or sunrise, if sunset is past the kid’s bedtime) and take in the beauty of the ocean. San Diego has quite a few horseback riding options- to learn more, click here.

Exploring Beach Town Shops

Every beach vacation must include an afternoon of window shopping in the adorable little beach towns full of souvenir shops. Explore the shops, talk about everyone’s favorite items, and maybe even stop for ice cream all while still being able to hear the waves crashing into the shore. There is always something quaint and fun to do near the beach.

Helicopter rides

Helicopter Ride Over the Beach

If the beach you’re staying at offers it, a nice helicopter tour of the beach can be a nice way to enjoy the beach in a completely different way. Consider taking the Surf and Turf Tour that takes you to famous L.A. landmarks and breathtaking views of the beaches.

Play Frisbee in the Sand

Instead of doing the cliché beach volleyball, toss around a Frisbee on the beach with the kids. This will be a fun way to keep them moving and get them tuckered out before bedtime.

Scavenger Hunt

Have one of the adults (or older teenaged children) go down and hide little trinkets down at the beach and make the kids a “treasure map” to help them find the items. This nautical themed scavenger hunt is sure to be fun for the whole family.