10 top home improvement tips

There are so many ways you can go about improving your home– which can make deciding where to start very difficult.


To provide some impetus, here are 10 top tips to help you upgrade your home.


  1. De-clutter with furniture


By investing in some multi-functional furniture items, not only will you gain some fabulous new furniture, but you’ll also have extra space to store household objects and keep your clutter nicely out of sight.


  1. Lighting


Lighting creates awesome ambience in any room and there are many creative ways to use it within your home. For instance, you can use lamps to draw attention to your favorite areas. For inspiration, look at an online lighting store such as Wayfair.


  1. Painting


A nice coat of paint brings character to your home and leaves your walls looking clean and fresh. Whether you want to recoat your walls or try out a new color scheme, it’s an easy and effective way to enhance your dwelling place.


  1. Make an opening statement


Give your front door a bit of character by painting it, changing it, and updating your house number sign. You should also buy a welcoming doormat that showcases your personality. With a bold yet beautiful entrance area, guests will be wowed by your home from the moment they arrive.


  1. Handles


Little touches such as changing the handles on your doors, cupboards, and light switch fittings can make a noticeable difference to your home. Plus, it’s quick to do!


  1. Themed decoration


The most important quality of your home is that represents you. So a great idea is to base your decoration around the things that interest you. For example, if you’re into music, items such as vinyl clocks and music wall stickers will perfectly showcase your personality.


  1. Go green


Bring a bit of nature to your home by placing some plants for inside your house. Not only do they add color and beauty, they have some great health benefits too. For more information, check out a health site such as Fit Day.


  1. Extension


Extending your home is a great way to improve it if you’ve got the budget. For instance, if you build a conservatory, you’ll gain more space and provide greater natural lighting, whilst adding market value.


  1. The outside counts


The exterior of your home is as important as the interior because it forms people’s first impressions. So make sure your walls, windows, and garden are looking clean and pristine.


  1. Wall displays


Bring life to your walls with photos, wall art, and shelves. But ensure items are fitted using a high-quality fitting system such as a superclamp. They can hold up to 30kg in weight and are available from engineering firms like Ormiston Wire.

That’s our list! Share your home improvement tips in the comments section.