3 Delightful Home Décor Ideas for Pearl Lovers


Pearls are having a major moment in fashion these days and we are definitely hooked on the pearly-everything trend. And unsurprisingly so, due to their unique radiance and glow, pearls are now also dominating the interior design world. From mother of pearl accents for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash to dainty, yet impactful bohemian accents and elegant window treatment accessories, the gems of the sea can now be an eye-catching part of your interior design. If you are a devoted pearl lover like us, here are our top favorite home décor ideas that feature gorgeous pearls.

1. Pearl StrandCurtain Tie-Backs

 Delightful Home Décor Ideas for Pearl Lovers

Image Source: atelie42.kz

One of the easiest and chicest ways to incorporate your favorite gems in your space is no other than opting for pearl strand curtain tie-backs. These days, tie-backs are back on the interior designers’ radar – and they come in the widest range of styles. From the bohemian tassel types to the navy-inspired rope knots and from pom-pom ties to pearl-adorned pieces, curtain tie-backs are more than just functional – they become statement points of interest in your space. Whether you opt for an elegant and clean-cut look and go for a simple strand of pearls or love the maximalist mish-mash style featuring a combo or pearl strands and chains, the chic results are basically guaranteed.

Pro Tip: Use pearl necklaces featuring a mix of metals and pearls as curtain tie-backs as a more budget-friendly, yet equally chic option.Simply replace the necklace closures with large jump rings that match the finish of your metals and enjoy the new look of your window treatment!

2. Shabby Vibes: Pearl-Adorned Dreamcatchers

 Delightful Home Décor Ideas for Pearl Lovers

Image Source: tilebar.com

One of the hottest décor trends of the past seasons has been the reinvented dreamcatcher, not with ultra-bohemian, shabby vibes, loaded with charming vintage appeal. Featuring pretty lace trims, rustic crochet detailing and satin ribbons, dreamcatchers are everywhere these days – in living-rooms, on office walls, used as bathroom décor, as part of cozy patios and more. Our favorite kind: dreamcatchers in shades of white, ranging from snow to alabaster shades, featuring on-tone pearly details, be it strands or single pearl accents.

Pro Tip: Use grandma’s old crochet doilies and a mix of your favorite trims and pearls to create your very own vintage-rustic dreamcatcher. Add tassels into the mix for a modern spin on a vintage classic.

3. Mother of Pearl Tiles in Lustrous Finishes

 Delightful Home Décor Ideas for Pearl Lovers

Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the most elegant ways to bring the soft, radiant glow of pearls into your home is by opting for mother of pearl tiles in either brick-style displays or mosaic designs. These days, there is an impressive range of nacre tiles on the market, in shades ranging from champagne and seashell blush to bone and powder tones, as well as silver and pale smoke. Featuring a unique shine that perfectly merges an organic, natural look with a touch of sparkle and glam, mother of pearl backsplashes work perfectly in both modern-style kitchens, as well as in shabby-chic spaces.

Pro Tip: Avoid using pearl tile in places that will be submerged in water (such as pools or shower floors), since due to their organic nature, they can potentially darken over time.

If you ever dreamed of bringing the beauty of the ocean into your living (or, why not, working) space, then these pearl-infused trends should definitely be on your home improvement radar. Whether you opt for a boho-chic dreamcatcher for the entryway, a gorgeous mother of pearl backsplash that will elevate the look of your kitchen or an elegant curtain tie-back, you can count on the gems of the sea to bring a lustrous glow to any space.