4 Tips To Keep Your Home Space Clean and Organized


4 Tips To Keep Your Home Space Clean and Organized

Image: Pexels


How many things do you think you really need at home? Everything? Are you sure? We all have a knack for collecting things. There seems to be comfort and assurance in owning beautiful items. But after an item has served its purpose, it ends up forgotten in your closet, the next room or in a box, never to see the light again.


According to the American Psychiatric Association, hoarding things and having difficulty letting them go can lead to clutter that disrupts the ability to use living or workspaces. So, it’s quite important to be able to optimize our homes so that they add value to our quality of life. Here are a few tips if you want to maintain the upkeep of your home:


1. Create a List. It’s a daunting task to finally go through your things and see how much you’ve accumulated over the years. It can be hard to decide which things you should keep and which ones need to go. Creating a list will help you be realistic and more likely to stick to your plans of discarding those items that you no longer need.


A list is visual and thus will aid you in being able to evaluate and categorize items more easily. You can make a list for every room in your home. This way, you can go through it systematically. Write items in separate tables; ones you still need and would rather keep and the other to sell or give away. Rate the items based on the condition and value. You not only get to finally organize your stuff but you’ll earn some extra cash should you decide to sell some of them.


2. Declutter. Once you’ve made the list, it’s time start checking it off. Prepare empty durable boxes and a Sharpie marker. It’s going to be a lot more fun to do this with a friend to help you out. Plus, your friend is there to hit you on the head should you try and sneak some items back out of the boxes (kidding!).


You’ll surely go down memory lane for every item you cross out. Do this in each room and you can bring everything together once done. Once you see all the boxes stacked in one room, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that you got without rolling or screaming on the floor. Don’t be afraid to repurpose some items if they could enhance the rooms in your home.


3. Sell Or Donate. Now, it’s all up to you on how you’re going about to discarding the items you will no longer be needing. You can donate to medically challenged kids in hospitals or set up a garage sale on a weekend when the weather is nice.


4. Sustain. You deserve congratulations for your efforts! Maintaining this newly formed habit of always being on top of organizing things is as equally important as decluttering. Think long-term. You’ll thank yourself. It’s an investment. Having a well-maintained home is important for your peace of mind and overall well-being.


But if you’re a busy bee, you know you can’t do it all. Why not call in the pros? There are maid services you can rely on to take the cleaning off your hands and maintain everything for you from time to time. You’ll need all the help you can get to sustain a pristine home (if you always seem to have stuff more than you can manage).


I’d like to leave you with what Francine Jay will probably tell you, that “Your home is living space not storage space.” Keep your home beautiful and stay clutter-free!