4 Tips that Will Help You to Live Your Best Life

4 Tips that Will Help You to Live Your Best Life


You may have a great family, plenty of good friends and a job that you love—or you may be less than pleased with any or all of these situations. Either way, despite how happy, or unhappy, you are in your life, you can always take stock of your situation and try to improve things.

With this in mind, the following tips can help you to live your best life possible and get started achieving your goals, whether this involves getting a better job, earning more money, traveling more or increasing your feelings of contentment:

1. Create that Bucket List

Bucket lists have gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. They are a good way to really think about what you hope to accomplish in life and write down with pen and paper your various goals and desires. Let your imagination run wild with your list—maybe you want to go to law school, remodel your kitchen, take singing lessons or learn Spanish—the sky is the limit. There is something about having a tangible list in front of you that will help remind you to work toward accomplishing these items and really knowing what you want to do to improve your life.

2. Pad Your Checking Account

If you find that some of those bucket list items involve spending money—and for many people, they do—it may be time to take some baby steps to boosting your income a bit. While it may be counterproductive to a happier life to go out and get another full-time job or work tons of overtime, you can find ways to make extra money to help ensure that you can splurge on the things you wish to buy and/or go on your dream vacation.

One way to do this is to take on a side hustle that you can easily fit into your already busy schedule. For instance, you could become an Independent Business Owner with Amway and set up your own online business that you can run on your own time and around your current job. If you would like to learn more about this option, Amway posted a helpful YouTube video that explains what the Amway business is about and how you can get started.

3. Give Yourself Some Deadlines

If the word “deadline” makes you feel nervous, rest assured that these are going to be fun deadlines, rather than the stressful ones that pop up at work. Instead of telling yourself “I’m going to go to Paris some day and will finally see the Eiffel Tower in person,” break the vacation planning process down into smaller steps and take action. For instance, in the next two weeks, research hotels and jot down places you’d like to stay. One month from now, have a general idea of how much the plane tickets will cost as well as a rough estimate for the trip overall. By doing this, your goals won’t languish in the “someday” realm forever; you will take small yet tangible steps to make them happen.

4. Be True to Yourself

As you work on these tips, as well as whatever else you do to live the best life possible, do your best to remain true to yourself. Stop trying to please others or to be someone you are not—that will go a long way to feeling happier and experiencing a great life on a whole new level. So if you hear your mom’s voice in your head saying “you really should move back to your home town,” but you are happy where you are living and don’t want to leave, by all means do not put this on your bucket list.

You Deserve the Best Life Possible

No matter what your life circumstances are, you can always take steps to improve things. Life is too short to go around wishing for things to improve—you have what it takes to define your goals with your needs in mind and then take baby steps to make them all happen.