4 steps to a successful roof replacement

Your roof is arguably the most important component of your house. It stops water coming into the building, prevents heat from getting out of it, and is the dominating feature of the property when viewed from the outside.

That’s why if you are considering undertaking a roof renovation, you need to get it right. From the practical role it plays to the aesthetic effect it has, if you’re forking out somewhere around the United States homeowners average of $11,000 on a new roof, you want to ensure the project is going to run smoothly.

Here are four steps to a successful roof replacement.

Find the right contractors

Because the roof is such a vital part of your home, you can’t trust any old company to carry out its replacement. You need to find one that is fully qualified, has the certifications to prove it, and has a strong reputation for the standard of their work.

Depending on where in the country you are, there may be a statewide licensing scheme in place which helps to ensure the company you are using is genuine. In Florida, for example, roofers such as All Star Roofing offer a specialist residential roofing contractor Brandon, FL so that you can get the best person for the job.

Don’t take a shortcut – strip away the old

Most cities and towns allow for a building to have a maximum of two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof, which means that if you currently only have one, you can save thousands of dollars by just adding another layer over the existing roof.

Tempting though this shortcut may be, it isn’t in your long-term interests to take that option. If you are just covering up what is already there, your roofer won’t be able to properly inspect and repair the decking and flashing underneath. They won’t be aware of any potential problems which lurk underneath, which means that these could flare up years down the line when you least expect it.

That is why it is best to strip away the old roof to get the job done properly. This is particularly important if you live in one of America’s coldest cities, as your contractor can then install an ice and water shield which can help to prevent leaks and damage when ice builds up.

Consider it an investment

Given how much a roof replacement is going to cost you anyway, there is little point in trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Consider it an investment; an investment in the security and comfort of your family home as well as an investment in its value, given that a new roof can add up to $12,000 to a house’s resale value.

Top quality products will last far longer and options such as copper flashing rather than aluminum might add $1,000 to the cost, but they could last for up to a century. Spend what you need to.

Sign a contract

Replacing a roof involves a lot of money and even more responsibility. That’s why it’s vital that everything is laid down in writing with a contract signed by you and your roofer. There can then be no doubts about responsibilities or liability should something go wrong or payments. A proper legal document will protect you.