One of the most frequented parts of the house is the toilet. It is your oasis of comfort after that hearty breakfast or dinner. That is why it is top-of-mind when building, designing or renovating your home. Some muster their creativity in making it zen-looking like in a day spa and some try to make it futuristic like in a Sci-Fi movie. Choosing the porcelain throne is a crucial stage in owning up to that challenge.

Before you purchase a toilet though, you would need to consider a few factors like look or style, size, seat height, water-efficiency or gallons-per-flush, plumbing, and overall cost. You have to see to it that the toilet fits well in the design and space you are creating. You also need to ensure it will save you water and money for your personal economy. Another factor is the plumbing and installation of the toilet. Even the height of the bowl from floor is very important for added comfort.

Do not rush into buying so you got the best toilet to get  this 2019. Here are the 5 best toilets that you might want to consider buying as a replacement to your old toilet or as a brand new one for your new home.

1.   Best Two-piece Toilet: TOTO DRAKE II

Toto is a brand that originated in Japan and up to this day it is one of the world leaders in toilet and home fixtures. So why is TOTO DRAKE II our top toilet? Well, it is simple, water-efficient, and comfortable to sit on, it has ever-clean surface, plus, it is not that pricey.

     Toto is known for its simplistic shape that fits any interior and space. This one is also 1.28 GPF so it saves a lot of water in every powerful flush. Aside from its ADA standard seat height, the bowl is at the right diameter for you to spread your thighs.

The material on this loo is also anti-microbial and is always clean with its SANAGLOSS surface. When it comes to price, the TOTO DRAKE is one of the best toilets to get.

2.   Best Compact Toilet: SANIFLO SANICOMPACT

Going for a more compact toilet? Get this Saniflo Sanicompact one-piece potty. Since it

has no water tank at the back, this toilet is best for tiny spaces or scaled-down houses. It is best as an additional toilet in the basement, under the stairs powder room or in the garage.

Because it is a smaller toilet the Sanicompact is very water-efficient as well at 1.0 gallons per flush. The only downside to it is that it lacks the water tank that pusher more power every time you flush so the flushing mechanism of this potty is an electrical up flush system. You need to plug it and eventually pay the bill. However, this is really economical for tiny houses that will not need expensive plumbing as it reduces the waste out into the sewage line.

3.   Best One-piece Toilet: KOHLER 3810 SANTA ROSA

Like the compact toilet, this next one is a space-saver as well. It is a one-piece toilet that is smaller and has a more stylish look for a tiny toilet and bath area.

Kohler is also a popular brand and this model has a lot to boast about. It has a comfort height at 16.5 inches from the floor. It has an easy-to-clean design and it has an Aqua piston flush that cleans the bowl from all sides.

Even though the flush is powerful, it still manages to be water-efficient at 1.28 GPF. It can even flush at 0.5 GPF if you only push the lever halfway through.

4.   Best Designed Toilet: KOHLER 3817 MEMOIRS STATELY

Want something formal and stately? Like its name suggests, this two-piece toilet is a sight to behold. This classic-looking, stylish toilet makes you think you are visiting the White House. Of course, this product from Kohler is another good pick!

Although, the design is not the like the other top 3 which totally saves space, this toilet has the same advantages to offer. It also has a comfort height for any user to sit comfortably. It has a powerful Aqua piston flush that cleans the entire bowl. And of course, it is water-efficient at 1.28 GPF.  It is also quiet so you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone knowing that you are doing some dirty business.

5.   Best Fancy Toilet: TOTO G5 WASHLET

So here you are at the last pick for the best 5 toilets. And this time you might want to have something sophisticated, futuristic and elegantly expensive. Try this smart toilet that you can brag about every time you have a visitor.

The Toto G5 Washlet is a state-of-the-art shiny potty with a remote control. Everything is just a touch of a button. One of its techno features is the automatic self-cleaning bidet to spray your bubble butt. It also has an adjustable heated seated to warm you up in the winter. It automatically flushes as well.

Speaking of savings, you will save a lot because it can consume 0.9 to 1.28 gallons per flush depending on the load. It cleans the entire bowl with its powerful cyclone flush. The only downside to this is the initial investment which is quite pricey. However, in the long run, the convenience, technology and savings you enjoy is worth every penny