5 Crazy Things to Do with Your Partner When Visiting London


If you’re looking for things to do in London during your visit, look no further. London is a lively city, filled with plenty of incredible tourist attractions.

If you’ve visited the capital before, or you’re simply looking for alternative things to do while traveling here with your partner, there are many weird and wonderful activities in London for you to enjoy.

Forget Big Ben or the Tower of London. This is where the fun really begins. Check out these 5 crazy things to do with your partner while visiting London and try something a little adventurous.

Show Off Your Skills In Bubble Football


Image courtesy of: Bubble London

You may be wondering, ‘what the hell is bubble football’?  Strangle enough, bubble football isn’t a new concept, with roots in London over the past few years.


Bubble football is essentially regular football (or soccer) while wearing a giant clear plastic ball. If you’ve ever been zorbing, you’ll have a slight idea of the concept here. Essentially, you climb into an inflatable ball and play football. The good news is that you don’t need any particular skills to play the game. This enjoyable concept can easily be played by both of you. If you fancy a go at bubble football, there are several locations in London which offer the game.


Bubble London is located in Waterloo, while Bubble Boys offer several venues around the capital and are priced from £300 for up to 20 players. If you can grab a few friends together, or know anyone in London, this would make an excellent team experience.

Try A Couples Tantric Massage At Karma Tantric


Image courtesy of: Karma Tantric

Feeling saucy while on your travels? A couples tantric massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do in London. Karma Tantric offer premium massage services to help you unwind while stimulating your body and mind like never before. If you’re looking to enrich your relationship, or you simply want to have some flirty fun, having a couples tantric massage could be the London experience you’ve been searching for.


So, what does a couples tantric massage involve?


A couples tantric massage is a type of erotic massage, helping to enrich your love life. It can enhance your sex drive, prevent impotence, and improve feelings of depression. A couples tantric massage involves a highly trained masseuse using ancient techniques to promote sexual energy and healing throughout the body. A combination of breathing techniques and sensual movements are used to help you achieve a higher state of bliss.

Once you’ve enjoyed a couples tantric massage with Karma Tantric, you’ll be able to use your new found therapeutic skills in the comfort of your own home or even at your accommodation while staying in London.

Indulge In A Rainbow Bagel


Image courtesy of: Timeout

London may not be renowned for its unusual delicacies, but the taste of a rainbow bagel may prove to tempt your taste buds. Rainbow bagels are exactly what you imagine – a multicolored bagel, which is simply a traditional bagel enhanced with food coloring.


Where can you get these awesome delights? Head to Beigal Shop (the one with yellow décor) at 155 Brick Lane, London. These treats have been going down a storm since being introduced! How do they taste? You can expect the taste of a normal bagel but with a slight fruity hint.

Test Your Nerve At The London Dungeon


Image courtesy of: The Dungeons

Delving into a scary adventure isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but The London Dungeon hope to prove otherwise. Entering the dungeon grants you a 90 minute tour of actor shows, learning about some of London’s dark history, including the Great Plague and the Gunpowder Plot. The realistic settings and interactive stories are designed to test your nerves. You’ll also get a free drink in the London Pub.


Bedtime With Lions


Image courtesy of: zsl.org

Have you ever experienced night time at the zoo? Now’s your chance! London Zoo’s overnight Gir Lion lodges promise an up close look at some of the zoo’s best wildlife. Feed the warthogs, take a night walk and look out for the bats and nocturnal aardvarks. Enjoy the comfort of your lodge and wake up to the lions being fed their breakfast. You can then spend the day enjoying a walk around the zoo to see what other animal species you can find.


Use our list of things to do in London the next time you’re travlling to the capital with your partner. These unusual activities in London are the perfect alternative things to do, especially if you’re searching for something you can tell your friends about.