5 Reasons Portable Storage Units Are the Way to Go For Your Next Move

Getting ready for a move is hard work.


You have to pack everything up, label the boxes, and then move it all out.


It gets even more complicated when you have to store your household goods before moving them to your new home. Figuring out whether to go self-storage, a moving company, or a portable type of storage unit can be a big question.


We put together a list of the top 5 reasons you should go with a portable unit to reduce the stress and annoyance of your next move.

1. Convenience

There’s nothing more convenient during a move than portable storage. It allows you to pack up your home at your own pace and avoid all that last minute scrambling.


With a traditional moving company you have strangers moving through your home and loading up your possessions. The whole process takes just a few hours but can be incredibly stressful.


Portable units let you move items from your home into the box at whatever speed you like. It also means you won’t have to worry about driving things anywhere or renting a truck.

2. Protect Your Possessions

Portable insulated storage units are the best possible protection you can get for your things. Cheaper companies use standard shipping containers with thin metal walls.


They’re great for keeping potential thieves or rain out but don't do a thing to prevent damage from temperature changes. Your insulated storage unit is padlocked closed and stored in a secure lot.


Traditional move and store companies usually just put your goods in wooden crates or even store them openly in their warehouse. Going with a portable lockable storage unit means you are the only one with access to your things.

3. Avoid Transportation Headaches

If you ever had the misfortune of owning a truck when your friends were moving you know what we’re talking about. Trying to move house on your own takes either a lot of trips in a lot of cars or some kind of rental truck.


That gets expensive and annoying fast. Going with a portable container moving company takes transport totally out of the equation. All you have to worry about is loading up the box and locking it closed.


The storage company will pick it up from your house, store it as long as you need, then drop it off when you’re ready to unpack.

4. Cost Effective

On paper portable insulated storage units may seem expensive but that’s just because the other companies aren’t presenting the whole picture. Self storage is generally going to be the cheapest option but it’s also the most aggravating.


Just to get your stuff to a self-storage unit you’ll need to rent or borrow a truck. Then you have to pack up all your stuff, load it, drive a huge moving truck to the storage unit and unload. That doesn’t even count doing the whole thing over again to move into your new place.


Moving companies generally cost more than that and don’t save a ton of the headache. They’ll often offer storage but don’t tell you where or how your stuff is being stored.

5. Super Versatile

One of the biggest benefits to portable storage units it just how flexible they allow you to be. Most moving companies require you give them at least a tentative date for moving into your new place.


Portable units work specifically as mobile self-storage units. They allow you to store your goods indefinitely and have them delivered on very short notice. This is great if you’re selling your house to move to a new area but don’t yet have another house lined up.


Mobile storage units act like self-storage units that follow you around. If you’re planning a large move you definitely don’t want to put your things in a local storage unit. You’ll have to pick them up and drive them long distance to get to your new place.

Move Smart

Planning the perfect move is all about keeping to your budget while reducing the headaches as much as possible. Moving can be very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a major event. Pick out the best storage and moving option for your situation.