5 Step Practical Guide To Renovating Your Home

You may have had your home for years now and are thinking about upgrading and renovating the style of your home. Or perhaps you have just bought a bit of a fixer-upper of a property and are looking to re-style it and make it your own. So how is best to go about renovating a house and what are the practical things to consider when doing this and so here is a practical guide to doing just that.


All At Once Or Room At A Time?


Do you take on the whole house at once? Or is it best to do one room at a time? There are obvious advantages to each method. If you are doing it one room at a time then it's going to be much more time-consuming and, in one way, more disruptive over a longer period of time. But if you do it all at once it’s just done and you can take advantage of having workers not have to come back for several smaller projects (which may actually save you some money) but you will probably have to arrange alternative accommodation for you and your family for a short period, more on this later though.


How To Theme Your Home


Should you theme your whole house, and, if so, how should you do this? Often it can look great to have a color theme for the whole house and this can really make the place come together. Think about the style of the property itself, is it modern or traditional and what is your taste and lifestyle, if you have things that are passionate in your life then maybe decorate with this in mind.


Where To Put Furniture While The Work Goes On


It can be a headache to figure out how to store and move the furniture around while work is going on in the house. If you are going room by room then you can move furniture between the rooms as you go. But this can be a real headache if there is not the space or you are doing the whole house at once then you will need to find a storage solution and if you can find a good storage space, such as Life Storage Houston, then it will give you a safe and secure option while you sort the house out.


Can You Live In The House During Work


This goes back to the earlier point about whether or not to do the whole house at once or each room at a time. Basically, if you stay at home when work is going on there are a lot of drawbacks such as noise, dust and disorder and staying elsewhere may be costly.


Make Sure You Research & Budget Properly


Re-doing a whole home is going to be a pricey affair, right? Well yes, but how much depends on what you do, it is possible to keep to a budget if you are careful and know what to do. You can look at 2nd hand and reclaimed furniture, try auction houses and charity or thrift stores for bargains. There are outlet malls and sales and if you are not completely tied to certain designers etc, then you can find bargains and budget solutions everywhere.