5 Ways to Brighten up a Dark Room

Natural light is a fabulous thing, and it’s something you might strive for on a daily basis – especially where your home is concerned. Unfortunately, a bright room isn’t always possible when your house has minimal windows or isn’t the South-facing dream you had in mind.

Your home should always be catered to be the most functional version of its best self, and the following guide will show you how.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

There’s nothing quite like the space illusion expert that is the mirror. Even the tiniest room can appear the biggest when you have reflective glass hung on every wall. Mirrors can trick the mind into thinking the space is bigger, and if you do happen to have a window which permits some light into the room, mirrors can help reflect that all around for a brighter feel.

A Translucent Blind is Your Friend

There’s nothing wrong with a pair of luxurious drapes, but hanging these in a small, dark room only serves to accentuate the heavy and dull feeling, while making it feel like they are taking up a lot more space than they should.

Try translucent blinds instead. These let in as much light as possible to brighten the room but are semi-transparent enough to ensure nobody can see fully inside your home.

Artificial Lighting May be the Answer

Nobody wants to compromise on a stream of natural sunlight, but if lamps are your only option, so be it. It’s important to have a great source of light to avoid trips and falls, too; companies like Livable House prove that a few simple home improvements really make a difference in terms of moving around your home safely.

Make use of floor lamps, wall lamps, or a bright ceiling light to truly light up the room from corner to corner, especially on those long winter nights when there are fewer hours of daylight.

Also, try and opt for lighter colored shades, as heavy, dark colors can be counterproductive and reinforce the dull feeling of the room.

Go For A More Neutral Color Scheme

If you’re a fan of dark colors, you may be less than enthusiastic about this one, but, alas, it’s actually a successful fix for a dark room problem.

If you opt for more neutral shades of paint, like beige or (wait for it) white, it can work wonders in brightening up the space and reflecting the sunlight. Going for a neutral scheme doesn’t mean you can’t add splashes of color and personality using accessories and wall art.

Even pastel colors are preferable to darker tones, and you can have fun with it.

Try Reflective Furniture

Heavy and dark wooden furniture won’t help to brighten your room; instead, try for as many reflective surfaces as you can, like a glass coffee table or shiny ornaments, to help the light move around the room easier.

You could also try touches of art using metallic paint which will help create a shining, shimmering effect, helping the room to feel warmer and brighter.