In today's post we will give you 6 essential tips so that you can design the kitchen of your dreams and be enormously satisfied with the result. Within these keys to succeed, we will also explain that it is not always necessary a comprehensive reform of the kitchen but we can also make small changes to update its decoration and features such as renewing the faucet, the worktop, change the color of the furniture without buying new ones, etc..




Although the size and shape of the kitchen limit its distribution, it is very important that the placement of the elements allows you to have everything at hand, increase storage capacity, improve the work area or create an office area. As a general rule, there are six distribution models when it comes to designing a kitchen: inline, parallel, L-shaped, U-shaped, with island and with peninsula. We provide you with a post from our blog so that you can go deeper into the optimum distribution for your kitchen.




Kitchen decor is not just a reflection of our tastes and preferences, but the choice of design, finish, colors and lighting will depend on whether it looks bigger, brighter or cozier. If we are talking about a small space, white will provide luminosity and help it look like a larger space. On the contrary, for large kitchens, it is recommended to provide a touch of color that breaks with the grandiosity of the space to avoid getting lost in it, painting for example a wall with an intense color or creating combinations of colorful tiles. In the same way, the materials and finishes are in charge of creating a certain decorative style. The range of greys and blacks with avant-garde atmospheres, acid colors with youthful and fun atmospheres... Other points to bear in mind depending on the distribution of the kitchen are the points of light and the working triangle.





The latest decorative trends reserve a prominent place for walls, which can be customized with platelets, gresite, ceramic tiles or with paint and wallpaper resistant to moisture and splashes that occur when cooking. With regard to the choice of flooring, the possibilities have become infinite due to the large number of materials that, with their renewed technology, can be included in the design of the kitchen. For example, wood, a material that brings so much warmth to the space and that integrates the kitchen so well into an open space and that until recently has been forbidden from being included in kitchens, is now the protagonist material in them. Thanks to ceramic floors that faithfully imitate its appearance or water-repellent laminates or types of vinyl that reproduce its aesthetics, it is now possible to enjoy it in our kitchens.




In Accessible Reforms, we work with diverse industrialists who provide us with several types of worktops, each one optimal for each type of client and needs. 


The most popular worktops are those of Silestone, due to its wide range of finishes with different colors, textures and thicknesses and its great resistance to stains, acids and scratches. We also work with granites and natural stone, which are the materials that offer the most classic aesthetics and the greatest resistance to heat, impact and humidity. 


Although it must be said that the latest trend in worktops is the new material Neolith, which in addition to the extensive features offered to the customer as resistance to scratching, high temperatures, UV rays (preventing these change the appearance of the material over time), is characterized by being very easy to clean, the house THESIZE has gone further and found a way to combine all these features with a material 100% recyclable and totally respectful of the environment.




We must take into account the choice of sink and faucet material, as well as the combination of these with the materials that surround them. As far as sinks are concerned, there are stainless steel, polished or textured sinks and we can even make the material of the worktop the same as that of the sink, creating an effect of impeccable continuity. As far as taps are concerned, there are different types, but the most demanded in kitchen refurbishments in San-Diego are single-lever taps, although we also have two-lever taps with high or low spouts, with different styles that can be combined with that of the kitchen.




It is very important to choose an appropriate type of hood for the kitchen faucet, to prevent odors from spreading to other rooms in the house. You can learn how to select a kitchen faucet easily by reading the answers that the experts gave. Although nowadays the extraction power of the hoods is very effective, it is necessary to take into account above all the space in which it is placed, since it does not need the same power for a closed kitchen as for a kitchen that shares space with the rest of the rooms. 


Today you can find bells that are authentic works of art, as they not only perform their function of extraction but also have become essential aesthetic elements in kitchens with island or peninsulas that have the cooking area outside the area of tall cabinets.