7 Easy to Follow Tips to a Bikini Body

Simple Tips to Get Your Bikini Body Ready

Get a Bikini Body

Is it that time of year already? Netflix-season has come to an end, and Ben & Jerry should no longer be at the top of your friends list. Like many, your new year’s resolution may have included some bikini body goals. Setting healthy and practical weight loss goals and following through with them is rewarding. From making small dietary changes, to drinking a few extra glasses of water a day, tuning up that bod is achievable! 

Drink Water

You’ve heard it at least a million times now, and that’s because it works. Our bodies are made up of 65% water, meaning we need to continuously keep the tank full. Drinking lots of agua lends a hand to clear glowing skin and helps you power through your daily exercise routine. Consume 7-8 glasses daily to keep your body hydrated!

Cut Out Unnecessary Sugars, Fats, and Carbs

There are a whole lot of opportunities to cut out extra sugars and fats. If you’re a coffee-with-sugar-and-cream lover, opt for coconut milk and agave nectar instead! Do your best to minimize carb intake. While the body does need carbohydrates, finding a healthy source like steal cut oatmeal, or sweet potato is the trick! Spend a day writing detailed notes of everything you consume, and tune in on the areas where you could use some improvement.

Join a Fitness Class

It hardly even feels like exercise when you’re having such a great time! From dance classes, to running teams, you have the pick of the litter when it comes to fitness classes in San Diego, and seeing other people focused on staying active will motivate you to follow suit. Need a confidence boost? Join a running or hiking team. There are even classes for new moms that allow you to take your baby along. 

Do Hot Yoga

As if the first thing you want to do on a hot summer's day is willingly lock yourself in a 92 degree room with 15 other sweating bodies. Sounds torturous, I know, but it’s surprisingly refreshing! Hot yoga draws out all the icky stuff from deep within our pours, while proving to be an incredibly great workout! Practicing yoga regularly will lengthen and tone muscles, creating a beautiful shape. With the addition of a heated room, you burn more calories, detoxify the skin, and rejuvenate the body.

Meal Prep

Your social media feed is probably overrun with photos of prepared meals by the dozen. With all the hype, there must be some positive results stemming from the meal prep trend. Having healthy and nutritious foods ready to go at the first sign of hunger prevents binging on the not-so-healthy stuff. Spend a few hours preparing healthy, calorie-wise meals that will last up to a week in the fridge. Don’t forget some convenient snacks! Things like vegetable sticks and hummus or hard boiled eggs will fend off unhealthy cravings. 

Get a Tan

Whether that means catching up on your vitamin D intake as you lounge by the ocean or lathering up in self-tanning lotion, a golden glow accentuates muscle definition, making you look like a bronzed goddess. Remember to use safe tanning practices! Unprotected sun exposure can lead to unwanted wrinkles and aged skin, not to mention the risk of skin cancer. Be sure to apply an SPF 15 or greater to help prevent nasty side effects. 

Ultimate Full-Body Workout

A trick to burning all-over body fat that many of us aren’t familiar with is the use of kettle bells. Many professional trainers swear by the effectiveness of proper kettle bell use, saying it will melt unwanted fat off the body. It’s very important to use kettle bells properly, as they could cause injury when used improperly. Next time you’re at the gym, ask a trainer to show you kettle bell techniques. Don’t have a gym membership? If you prefer to get your sweat on at home, watch a few reputable videos on kettle bell use, and start slow. 

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