7 Effects of Malnutrition That Go Beyond Under-Nourishment




There are some things that you need to look at as far malnourishment goes because a lot of people do not get enough nutrition in their diet.  You need to do all the things that you can to keep your body healthy, but you need to what is going to happen when you are not actually eating correctly or trying to find a way to get the right supplements in your body.  Someone who would like to consider taking supplements needs to know what will happen if they do not take them and improve their diet.


1.  You Lose Muscle


You will start to lose muscle when you are not nourishing, and you will need to start using supplements in the interim.  Interested? Learn more here because you want to learn what you can do to remain as healthy as possible.  You want your body to get stronger over time, and it is smart for you to find something that will help you gain or maintain muscle as you also plan a diet that might help you lose fat.


2.  Energy Loss


You will have so little energy that you cannot do anything that you want to do.  You also need to remember that the people who have no energy cannot get back on a diet plan or even feel hungry half the time.  You are almost malnourished now yourself twice, and that makes it much harder for you to get better. You simply need to get on a plan that is going to help you feel better so that you can get back on your diet plan.


3.  Blurry Vision


Blurry vision happens when you do not have nutrients for your eyes.  This could be very disorienting and scary if you do not know what the problem is.


4.  Sleeplessness


You cannot sleep when you are hungry, and you are going to have a very hard time with your sleeplessness to the pint that you cannot function at all.  This also means that you have no energy and might not want to eat.


5.  Lack Of Concentration


You cannot concentrate, and you will not be a productive person during the day to the point that you will have a hard time with the way that you are able to go to work.  Some people even lose their jobs because they cannot focus or get their work done. 


6.  Fainting Spells


When you are very malnourished, you are going to have fainting spells to the point that you will not be able to stand up or function at all.  Ensure that you have taken the time to get some sleep and eat properly.


7.  Dehydration


Dehydration can be very bad for you, and it could actually cause your body to shut down to the point that eating and drinking does not work.  You might even need medical attention if you are not careful


Instead of being malnourished, you could go on a supplement program that will help you get your body into shape and avoid feel malnourished.