7 Hassle-free Tips on How to Sell Your Home



Selling a home is never an easy task. The thought of having other people checking your rooms, closets and say negative comments about it can stir up a lot of emotions within. This is true especially if you’ve been living in the same home for years. If you plan to sell your home but don’t know where and how to start, the following tips will help make the entire process less stressful:


1. Ask the experts for a more accurate analysis of your needs. 


Following this tip just before you make a final decision about selling your home will greatly spare you from the unnecessary hassles of going through a lot of mistakes, compromises and headaches. The impact of selling a home does not end the moment you were able to close the deal. The decision to sell your property can have lasting repercussions on your financial status and in many other aspects of your life. Think about the tax implications, financial consequences and its impact on estate planning.  The overall structure of your deal, payment terms that you can expect and how high or low you can price your home should be decided upon with the help of an expert. The good news is that no matter in what state you’re property is built, you can certainly find reliable investment strategist, financial planner, banker or insurance realtor. In Arizona for example, you will not have difficulty looking for experts to turn to who can help you decide on matters that are way beyond your field of expertise. In fact, Arizona’s professional homebuyers from https://www.webuyhousesinarizona.com/ believe that the process of selling a home does not have to be as stressful as it is. You just have to turn to the right people for help. This way, you won’t have to be worried about signing a contract that you find difficult to understand nor turn to someone who charges hefty fees. 


2. Choose the best realtor.


The success in selling your home would largely depend on the kind of realtor you chose. If you choose the right one, the entire process of selling your home would seem like a breeze. But, the wrong realtor could only lead you to disappointment, frustration and all sorts of stress. When planning to sell your home there’s one fact that you have to remember. The real estate market these days are so competitive that in many areas only less than 70 percent of homes that have been listed for sale are able to find a buyer. In other words, you should be aware of the fact that more homes are being sold than the number of actual home buyers. This is when the need to find the best realtor comes into play. Start asking around and do your research. The best realtor has to be someone with a good reputation. Look for the one with an impressive history of selling homes. He has to be someone with more than enough exposure to potential buyers. Last but not the least, he should be ready to show you his best marketing plan


3. Sell it at the right price.


If you sell your home at a very low price, chances are it will be sold right away. However, you’ll only find yourself not having enough money to fund your move or to buy a new home. On the contrary, if you sell your property at a price that’s too high, homebuyers would prefer to buy other people’s homes that are bigger than yours but are in the same price range. In short, underprice your home and you’ll feel being ripped off once it’s sold, overprice it and you can choose to stay at your home for months or even years. It’s better to do a comparative market analysis or CMA so you would know exactly how much your home is worth in comparison to other properties being sold within your area. 


4. Prepare your home for a quick sale.



Make sure your home is well lit, clean and free from clutter. Give your prospect buyer the impression that your property provides proper ventilation and a very comfortable place to live. If your home has a lot of natural light in it, it will also exude a happy atmosphere. So, clean your windows, put clean light-colored curtains and remove any objects that only block light entry. If some areas need repair, have it done before the day you advertise it. Watch out for those minor damages and don’t let your prospective buyers assume that the place is poorly maintained. 


5. Let your Facebook friends know.


One of the best ways to advertise the sale of your home is to post it on your Facebook account. Research shows that on average, every person who owns a Facebook account has more or less 200 friends, which means 200 of your friends also have 200 friends each. Multiply that and you’ll surely receive so many queries soon after you post your ad! Simplify the process of advertising by taking advantage of Facebook’s popularity.  Once you’ve shared your listing, chances are high that another friend of yours will also share such listing to her friend's Facebook account. 


6. Remove your personal touches.


If family pictures fill your walls, you won’t be able to give your prospective buyers the chance to imagine themselves or their own family dwelling in your property. The same thing is true with cabinets and cupboards that are filled with items. Let your buyer realize that there is plenty of space for them to put their belongings so it would be easier for them to picture themselves arranging everything according to their personal preferences. But, if you keep the home crowded with your own items buyers can’t help but see only a small space for them to fill. This, in turn, lowers the chances of getting your house sold immediately. 


7. Get in the shoes of a buyer.


Ask yourself, if you are to buy a home, what are those things that you want and don’t want to see? Do you like large pieces of furniture crowding the living room? Do you want to see clean ceiling fans and window blinds? Do you want to see a flower on top of the center table or in the dining room? Remember to groom your house for a buyer not just for yourself. Be sure to check the nitty-gritty areas of the house so that even the most meticulous homebuyer won’t be able to see some hidden dirt right there which could also be a real turn-off.

Now that the sale of your home has already been advertised, never give in to the temptation of buying a new home before you even sold your old home. Even though this is what your agent may tell you but it could lead you to face more risks. It is best to wait for the time until you’ve found a sure buyer of your old home. This way, you won’t have to find your self closing a deal with your first prospective buyer just because you’re worried that someone else will buy the home that’s advertised online.