7 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easy, From Pool to the Roof

While spring is a beautiful season, spring cleaning itself is tiresome. Two benefits of spring cleaning involve having a clean and organized home. It can also reduce your risk of allergens and helps you save money. Here are some ways to make the spring cleaning process fun for you and the entire family.


Come Up With a Plan


You can't clean your home without having a plan in place. Before you get started on your spring cleaning process, make a list of which rooms you need to clean and the order in which you want to do them. If you don't know where to start, the Internet has plenty of resources to help you get started. YouTube has video hacks that offer plenty of great advice.


Everyone seems to hate one chore over another. For some people, it's the cleaning the toilet. For others, it's washing the floors. Whichever task that is for you, tackle it first and get it out of the way while you still have motivation. Combine smaller jobs with bigger ones so you feel like you're crossing more things off your to-do list.


Make a Spring Cleaning Playlist


This is a great time to check out your iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify playlist. Creating your very own spring cleaning playlist allows you to listen to your favorite songs as you tackle those demotivating tasks. A feel-good song or artist can make some of the most miserable tasks seem somewhat pleasurable.


Before you start, take some time to create an upbeat playlist. This can include a combination of contemporary and oldies that make you feel better about yourself. You should include the music that you never admit to your friends to listening to. There's nothing wrong with having a few guilty pleasures as long as it motivates you to clean.


Get Your Family Involved


Don't let your family get away with not cleaning. One person shouldn't be in of all the tasks on your to-do list. Ask your children to clean out their toys or closets. If your spouse isn't excited about cleaning the kitchen, have them choose two or three tasks that they want to do. Allowing your family members to choose easy tasks instead of being told what to do can ease the pain of cleaning.


Reap the Rewards


No one wants to clean the floors or wash the windows without any reward in sight. Plan for some of these rewards. Create a surprise grab bag or gift basket with goodies and prizes. Once your family members finish a task, they win one of these rewards.


If you want to increase motivation, come up with a family reward for when all the work is said and done. Maybe it's a beach trip or a backyard barbeque. Hire a professional service to help out with your swimming pool design, so you can enjoy your backyard this summer. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel will motivate everyone in the family to work together to cross off the tasks on the spring cleaning list.


Get Active


The holidays in the winter can make it hard to stay active and healthy. One way to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle is to clean and organize your home. Being in a clean and organized environment can boost your mental health and help you make healthier choices.


For example, a clean kitchen can motivate you to cook healthier meals. Less clutter on your kitchen countertops can make you feel more relaxed. You'll feel as if you have more time to do the activities you want to do. The time spent cleaning will make going to the gym and sticking to your diet somewhat simpler.


Get Organized


Spring cleaning can help you keep track of which tasks you finished, and how much you have left. Include tasks on your to-do lists that aren't routine, but should be done every few years. De-clutter each of your rooms so that your piles of clothing don't end up on the floor. Recycle, repurpose, or reuse stuff is better than sending them to a trash can that ends up in your local landfill.


If the process feels overwhelming, create a separate spring-cleaning checklist. Don't know how to create one? There are plenty of free templates on the Internet that you can use to create one.


Give Back


When was the last time you donated some of your clothing and belongings? Cleaning out your closets creates more space and allows you to make a positive impact on your community. Donate your used or unwanted clothes to a local charity. There are plenty of organizations that offer clothing donations and even offer free curbside pick-up.

One of the benefits of donating your used clothing is that you're helping the environment. When your clothes end up in the landfill, there's not enough space or oxygen to break them down. This is a direct contributes to the greenhouse effect. Cleaning out your closet can make you feel better about yourself, and help others feel good about themselves as well.