8 Cool Budget Hacks to Make the Most of your Airline Experience

Everyone one of us most likely to have better travel experience. There are two major thoughts about this.  The first belongs to those who do not care how much the flight would cost because it is an experience. They won't mind paying it because they want to have a better experience. The other belongs to those who want to save the cost of the flight, most of them want to spend on their travel plans.

Either any of these two has their shared issues, you just have to be very selective and of course, know first if you can afford it. In line with this, I will be discussing a few tips to make your budget airline experience more enjoyable and would not let you pay too much of your hard-earned money.

Always read your own source of entertainment when traveling.

There are actually a few ways that can make yourself comfortable and relax. Just like when you are at home, you have ways on how to entertain yourself. You have your Spotify, Netflix, downloaded movies, iFlix and a lot.

We know for a fact that there are a lot of ways now to get your own list of movies or maybe songs. You do not need to pay for it to make yourself entertained. So, make sure to keep this in your list.

Make sure gadgets are fully charged.

Most of us make sure that our gadgets are fully charged before leaving the house, office or even school. Just like when traveling, if you prefer using your tablet, smartphone or anything make sure all of this would not run out of charge.

Check the battery percentage. Another is a power bank, though some airlines implemented the capacity limit, so make sure you always check its capacity. Don't let your power bank confiscated, you must place it in your cabin bag.

Eat before boarding.

We know that foods inside the airline are very expensive, I worked before at the airport and I know almost 40% increased from its original price. I would highly suggest before leaving the house to get full or pack some food. Eat a heavy meal, if you prefer to eat before boarding.

Bring your own meal.

There are budget airlines that forbid passengers from bringing their own food on board. Know the food that you can bring inside. I know they consider McDonald's and other fast food restaurants because they are easy to eat on board. If you have a long flight, you might want to also consider buying sandwiches or burgers to bring it your flight.

Bring your own water bottle.

Bottled water in the airport is typically expensive. It is a necessity that you need to carry along with you on board, we can survive without food how about no water? Be thankful if the airport you selected has their cooler where you can fill your own bottle, it would help save some money. So, keep an eye to that. Always bring your own bottle and fill them in their coolers.

Start packing for comfort.

There are airlines that do not come with additional perks. Sometimes they do not provide passengers with a blanket for some much-needed warmth from the air conditioning. Full-service airlines provide passengers with a small bag of cleaning kit which includes toothbrush and toothpaste to wash up and refreshed. However, if you would want to have some level of comfort, make sure to carry these things.

·         Earpiece

·         Jacket/Shawl

·         Socks

·         Toothpaste

·         Facial cleanser

·         Eye Mask

·         Slippers

These are the 7 items for smart packing.

Keep an eye to get the right travel insurance.

One of the serious struggles of a budget flight is the delay. Delayed flight can put your travel plans in serious problems. In such situations, we do not want our flight to ruin our itinerary, so keep in mind to get the right travel insurance.

It might not control delaying the flight however it gives you sufficient financial compensation for trouble and discomfort that you may go through inside the airport.

It is also smart to bring extra cash for your emergencies abroad. If your savings is just enough for your travel, you can get the best instant personal loan to have additional pocket money in case your flight gets too delayed. Make sure to borrow only from cash mart licensed money lenders to acquire the best loan deals.

Use credit cards that give complimentary lounge access.

In such a scenario in the airport, especially if you are on an economy class, to begin with, all you need is some quality rest to rejuvenate yourself. Spending this time relaxing at the airport lounge is probably the best thing that can happen. But, these may be expensive, so I recommend using your credit card which comes with complimentary access to the lounge. Review your credit card perks or you might want to call your credit card company.