A Guide to Palm Springs

The definitive guide to experiencing the best Palm Springs has to offer.

Palm Springs

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A Guide to Palm Springs


Every so often it's nice to get out and have some breathing time. Yet the costs of going on vacation often entail screaming children, a possible pat-down from TSA or losing your luggage at the airport. For a much more enjoyable trip, might we suggest you hop on the freeway and drive down to Palm Springs for some sun-filled relaxation. It’s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, and you will be sipping on refreshing mojitos in no time. 


Palm Spring is sure to surprise you, as it holds so much more than sunbathing and golfing. Instead, experience the best classic-rock bands you have ever heard, tour some mid-century architecture or shop your heart out at the vast selection of boutiques. In order to work hard, we must play hard. Palm Springs is an ideal vacation destination.