A Guide to the Different Types of Window Film You Must Know

Regardless if you own a home or business establishment, it’s important that you maintain the aesthetic value of these infrastructures. You should make sure that these infrastructures will still have excellent condition even after a few years. After all, your home or business establishment might be your greatest investments up to date, and you’d want to utilize these for the longest time possible. And while there are many ways on how you can maintain the aesthetics of these infrastructures, using different types of window films should be on top of your list. Aside from improving on how your home or business establishment looks from the outside, using window films also provides benefits to the people who are inside.


Nowadays, a lot of companies sell different kinds of window films for different purposes. No matter where you’re living right now, it’ll be easy to find a company which offers residential and commercial window tinting services. When you hire them, you’ll be able to shoot two birds with one stone – you’ll only have to work with one company who sells window films and installs these products. If you’re leaning towards this direction in maintaining the condition of your home or business establishment, carefully choose among the different types of window films:


    • Dyed window film:

    • If you’re looking for a window film that’s both appealing and functional at the same time, consider using dyed window film. Once installed properly, dyed window film can absorb the heat from the outside, making your home or office warmer. This can result in lesser energy bills and more saving. Although very useful, the purchase and installation of dyed window films are more expensive compared to other window film types.


  1. Dual-climate window film: When your home or office has the same temperature outdoors, the level of your productivity can be adversely affected. If it’s already cold outside and you’re still shivering when you’re indoors, you can’t function well. If you don’t want any of these to happen, opt to use dual-climate window films. Unlike dyed window films, dual-climate can provide year-round temperature consistency. It can provide warmth inside your home during colder months, and heat during summer months. Dual-climate window films are created to provide energy savings and UV protection to your home or office, and to everyone who’s in it.


  1. Safety and security window film: You can never predict the dangers outside. You’ll never know when and how will burglars get in your home or office, and steal your valuables. Thinking about the security of your home or office can be stressful, especially if you just started your business. Save yourself from situations like these by using safety and security films. This window film is made from high-tensile polyester material and comes in a variety of thickness. With this feature, safety and security window films can protect your home or office from harsh weather conditions, broken glass and even bomb blasts. This type of window film can also provide solar energy efficiency and UV protection.


  1. Decorative window film: As a property owner, you want your home or office to look good. After all, how your property looks is a reflection of your personality. And if you want these properties to stand out, start looking for decorative window films. These films can provide privacy to some areas of your properties without compromising its designs or overall look. This feature can work wonders, especially for businesses. Decorative window films are unique from other types of film because it has a lot of designs and styles to choose from. You can choose to use one which has etched patterns, frost, opaque and even designs one on your own. Decorative window films are an easy way of protecting your properties in the most creative way possible!


  1. Anti-graffiti window films: When you already own a property, regardless if it’s a home or a business establishment, you’d know how costly it can be to have your fences or walls painted. And when these will be full of graffiti days after you paid professionals to do the job, nothing can be more frustrating. You’re basically back to square one. The solution? Use anti-graffiti window films. This type of window film serves as a clear protection for surfaces against acid etchings and markings. This option is cost-effective since it can be applied to different kinds of surfaces, can be removed and replaced and can even offer UV protection.


  1. One-way mirror: Although not as common compared to other types of window films, one-way mirrors can also provide a long list of benefits to your home or business establishment. When you use one-way mirrors, you’ll be able to see through one side of the glass while the person on the other side will only get to see a mirror finish. This kind of effect can work really well in the conference room, the accounting department’s office or any room in your business establishment which requires privacy. If you’re eyeing to use these in your home, glass doors and windows can be suitable locations.


  1. Ceramic films: Ceramic films have just recently appeared in the market. It’s still a new type of window film, but because of its performance and reality, more and more people are actually choosing this option. Unlike other types of window films, ceramic films are not made from carbon, dye or metal; it’s actually made from a ceramic particle which is nonconductive and nonmetallic. This can be considered as a smart investment because the benefits you’ll experience from using ceramic films can easily outweigh the price tag you’ll have to pay.


Never Make Hasty Decisions


There are a lot of companies which offer products and services for your window film needs. You’ll easily find a handful of these companies in your area, regardless of the state or country you’re in. However, hiring the cheapest or the most accessible window film company doesn’t guarantee positive results. You should always do your own homework before deciding which to hire: scout for at least three options, compare their costs and offerings, and ask recommendations from your social circle, as well. These precautions will help you narrow down your search, making it easy for you to choose a window film company which meets your expectations.