A High Quality Shoe for Every Day

SWIMS branding in the making

All images courtesy of swims.com

Summer has arrived at last, bringing with it fun, fresh air, and excitement—not to mention the sun. It’s the season for long afternoons spent swimming and relaxing along the shore. Just walking down the street you’ll find sand scattered over the pavement, blown over from the beach and kicked up by flip-flops and sneakers. The sand, water, and heat are all unavoidable elements of the city, and because of this San Diegans have to dress for the sunshine.


Footwear is essential to staying comfortable in the summer weather. In a city like San Diego, a versatile shoe is needed for when you want to head from the office to the beach without needing to switch from dress shoes to sandals. It can be difficult to find a shoe that blends in well into a professional environment whilst maintaining the functionality necessary for everyday errands and activities.

The Norwegian-based brand SWIMS lends a hand to the working professional who enjoys staying active in their free time. The brand manages to produce a product with a sleek design without jeopardizing the quality of construction or materials. Their products are built to withstand briskly shifting Norwegian weather year-round, from freezing cold conditions in the winter to warm summer temperatures. Rain falls strongly and often there, making for the kind of conditions where waterproof apparel is invaluable.

Most of the waterproof footwear on the market, unfortunately, falls short of being too visually pleasing. Some shoes have great functionality and lack style, other shoes are stylish but lack the sort of functionality that would make you want to wear them to the park or the beach, on the boat or a plane. The design of many waterproof shoes strikes one as weird or clunky, coming in odd colors and varieties. Many galoshes and overshoes are even worse, making it appear as if you’ve wrapped trash bags around your sneakers. Filling this gap in the market, SWIMS has produced a sort of hybrid footwear that is appropriate for all occasions.


The braided lace loafer places a fresh urban spin on the loafer’s classic appeal by updating the design and construction to be more in-step with modern style and tastes. A rubber outsole wraps around the exterior of the loafer, protecting both the shoe and your foot from sand, dirt, water, gravel, or anything else one may come across. The insole is crafted from a soft, light material that proves to be wonderfully accommodating to one’s step. The top of the shoe is comfy and perforated, allowing for ventilation, drainage, and a chance for your feet to feel the breeze on hot days.


Slipping on the loafers, the first thing I noticed was how secure my feet felt inside of them. It’s immediately apparent that the materials are of a high quality and seem as though they will be durable for a long time to come. The rubber siding on the outsole maintains the form of the loafer so that it won’t wrinkle, crumple, or decay with prolonged wear. Moving around, the shoes felt firm but sufficiently flexible. As I walked around a little longer I could already feel the shoes beginning to break-in and accommodate the shape of my (fairly wide) feet. I expected at least a little discomfort given that the loafers essentially just consist of mesh and rubber, two materials meant for treading both land and water. However, I was genuinely surprised to find that the lightweight and breathable materials made for a really soft, comfortable shoe.

What makes SWIMS footwear different is the striking balance it finds between casual comfort, performance, and contemporary style. The brand draws influence from a long legacy of Scandinavian design, echoing the historic minimalist tradition of the region. The design of the braided lace loafer is incredibly simple, yet superbly functional. Whether you’re sitting poolside or kicking back on the beach, SWIMS provides you with a loafer that will keep you looking stylish and feeling satisfied.


The braided lace loafer comes in twelve different colors, ranging from a basic black or brown to navy with bright yellow or orange highlights. The loafer starts at $160 and can be found on www.swims.com. All images courtesy of the SWIMS website.