A Hip Way to Design Your Room Online


Who in the world doesn't enjoy designing their room? I mean, yes, it could prove itself as something more of a hassle. Yes, it demands many visits to countless stores, and, yes, it is indefinitely a task that may seem daunting. But, nowadays, it seems like there is nothing that can't be easily done. Let's be frank here, we live in an age where the impossible has never been more within reach, even if it’s designing your room.

Create a Layout

With the help of technology, you can get a company to send you a 3-D model of your would-be newly designed room. That in itself is one of the hippest ways to design a room. Through that same company, you'll be able to see what goes with the carpets and the blinds or curtains that best fit the design you have in plan. Maybe a sofa won't do, perhaps it's missing an arm chair.

Basically, there is not one single detail these companies would have missed. The crazy thing is that they too can, if you would permit it, design your room for you. All you have to do is tell them your ideas, if any of your old furniture is staying and, last but not least, the budget you have in mind.

If you're wondering as to how this could happen, here are the steps of having your every wish fulfilled from the comfort of your home.

Take pictures

All you have to do is just take a few pictures of the designs you want, alongside the measurements of the room you plan to design. But make sure the numbers are accurate because your room depends on it. The company will draw up a 3-D model according to the measurements and pictures. And you'll get to witness the spitting image of your room.

What's your plan?

It is at this stage where you can get all creative and flaunt your designing skills. You get to tell the company of all your wishes and desires. Simply put, nothing within your budget is impossible. 

So inform them of any furniture you feel like keeping, what new items you will add, and what design scheme you have in mind. Maybe you want to have a minimalist room, a rustic one, or even a shabby-chic design. Consider also an Eco Décor; conscientious designs are hip and happening right for the sake of the environment. You can use natural materials and fabrics as well as furniture made from reclaimed wood. It will definitely add character to your room. 

The company will then send you custom design plans for your room. One that's been made in accordance to your specifications and requirements. 

Revise room design plan


Here, you will get a chance to work with the company's design team and collaborate in making the room you have hoped for. Fine tune it all you want, until you get it right. It could be the aesthetic you want, and it could be not. Which only means you can tweak your design and add different furniture plans or designs. Maybe you would like to accessorize with some plants, funky wall art, or some fabulous mirrors. Don’t forget about the lighting units as well; you can opt for funky wall sconces or large pendants. The lighting alone could be an extension of your character.  

Start Shopping

Now for the fun part; any piece of newly added furniture can now be yours, and it's just a touch of a button away. The exciting part is that it’s all within your budget. So there is no need to look for cheaper substitutes. 

What you should know:

There are a number of things you should know, since this is all practically a virtual world, many differences will be set from reality. Perhaps the design may not be a mirroring, reflection to that of your 3-D layout. And that is primarily due to the fact that angles and proportions aren’t caught as well by cameras as the human eye. 

The color could also present itself as a major issue. Since, colors are presented more boldly in the virtual world, whereas in reality it could be washed off. Or, perhaps, the color gradient could possibly seem different from what you have seen in your virtual design. But as far as problems go, this is barely one. 

Naturally, concerns may arise as you will be dealing with a mock design of your room on a screen! According to modsy.com, the mock design is almost always a perfect mimic to the end result. A process which is said to cure designer’s block. However, it equips you with all of the tools needed in making your room what you want.

What if you don’t like your design?

The designers are usually willing to work with you for as long as you need to get the design of your dreams. So, there is no need to stress it, because no one’s leaving until you're satisfied with the results. 


What types of rooms can be designed online?


Almost all types of rooms can be designed online. Some companies may, however, be unable to support the designing of your kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living space and commercial spaces. Anything else is certainly good to go. 


If you still have any concerns, or may worry about having this experience turned into a complete fiasco, then you’re probably going to give yourself a heart attack. You should check some reviews along with the before and after pictures of other people’s rooms. You will see that it really is like magic. To design your entire room from your chosen device is a phenomenon worth trying, without the hassle of physically carrying yourself around the many stores. 

The one issue that shouldn't faze you, is the color of the furniture. Which is reliant upon a few things like the brightness/contrast of your device and the fact that it’s made on a computer. Other than that, you’ll be able to control every design aspect yourself.