A Surfer’s Wish List on Any Occasion

A Surfer’s Wish List

Chances are, there is someone near and dear to you who loves to surf. Here is your glimpse into their wish list for any occasion.

Although surfing is generally considered an affordable sport, getting the best wetsuits and boards can be costly, especially for those on a student budget. To be fully equipped for winter surfing, wave lovers will need some extra gear to stay warm in those cold waters. A thicker wetsuit, hood, booties, and gloves can help body temperatures stay up, allowing surfers to stay in the water for longer, riding those awesome winter swells. If you are lucky enough to live where the weather stays warm, the perfect surfer gift is still out there! Here are the latest and greatest gift ideas for you and your surfing loved ones.

Cold Weather Wetsuits & Accessories

Cold Weather Wetsuits

The very best on the market in hooded suits is O’Neils Psycho Tech 5.5mm. Customers vouch
for the lightweight suit, that keeps your core warm while maintaining ease of movement. A built
in hood blocks any chill on the head and neck. The suit is a little more expensive, available on
Amazon for around $450. Patagonia, Rip Curl, and Hurley carries similarly priced hooded suits.
The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol wetsuit is also considered one of the warmest, and best in its class.
For just under 200$, this suit will still keep surfers cozy, without breaking the bank.

Many of us are not on such an extensive budget, another great option, that will keep surfers
toasty is a set of accessories, that can be worn under a wetsuit. Zion Wetsuits carries a kit
called the Ice Pipe Cold Water Accessories, which includes boots, gloves and a core insulator
with an attached hood. For a reasonable $75, surfers can confidently take on the winter waves.

The best selling booties are also made by O’Neil. The Heat Booties are available online for
approximately $50. With feet always hanging off the board, into the freezing waves, they are
particularly vulnerable to losing heat.

Transportation Accessories


Bicycle Rack

Biking to the beach is a lot quicker and easier than lugging a heavy board on foot. With a board rack, cyclists can easily transport their boards to and from the beach. Available at a price range from 50 to over 100 dollars, they are an affordable and fun gift idea that will save time on trips to and from the beach.

Lashing Straps

Many surfers crave adventure and would love to be able to throw their boards on the roof racks and take off to unknown waters. Lashing straps are a cheap and practical means for easily securing a surfboard. At a price of only $11.99 on Amazon, this is a great gift, that will allow you to save during the most expensive time of the year.

More Fun Ideas

The Rinse Kit

This portable shower, perfect for rinsing off at any beach, holds two gallons of water and requires zero batteries or electricity. Instead, it works using pressure, allowing surfers to clean off, or rinse aboard. The Rinse Kit is quite versatile and is also a great accessory for extended camping trips. It can be used to clean a dog, or as your own outdoor shower. The black exterior helps warm the water in the sun, heating it up to a very pleasant temperature. The box version is about $100, while a smaller collapsible version is available for only $50.

GoPro Mount

Everyone has that friend who is never seen without their GoPro camera. Sometimes they are skilled filmmakers, while others are insufferable wannabes. Either way, for those who surf and film, the surfboard camera mount is a fun gift. For just over ten dollars, shoppers can get a surfboard mounting kit. This comes with an anti-sinking device, as well as a secure method for attaching their camera to a board.

Dry Pack

A dry pack has the great advantage of also keeping the wet inside. These waterproof bags are the perfect place to store your wetsuit during the walk, ride or drive back home. Dry bags range in shape, size, and design. They are available for phones, and devices can be used through these clear plastic bags. They are also available with backpack straps, floats or even as a wearable belt. Any surfing buddy will love this quirky gift for any occasion.

The Wavestorm

This classic foam surfboard is the perfect gift for someone who is just getting into surfing. With a wide base, these boards are easy to get up on, while still riding the waves with speed. Available at Costco, these 8-footers are colorful and inexpensive. Every surfer could use a wavestorm, for those days when the swells are not so powerful, they keep the riding experience fun.