AWA Environmental Discuss The Different Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing Inside the Home

AWA Environmental Discuss The Different Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing Inside the Home


You could have mold in the home without even knowing it. It is not uncommon for mold to begin growing on a home’s interior and exterior. Not everyone has a reaction to the exposure, but mold exposure can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks for some people. It is not always easy to see the mold spores, but they can cause harm when they are present. 


How Can a Homeowner Tell If Mold is Present in the Home?


Mold can grow on a lot of different things, including wood and paper. It thrives in rooms and buildings that are warm with moist air inside. If rooms inside the home are anywhere between 72 degrees and 81 degrees F, there is a good possibility that mold is growing in some of those rooms without you even noticing it. You would need to use the power of your senses to figure out if you have a mold problem inside your home.


Smell different parts of the home to see if you notice a strange, musky odor. When there is mold inside a building, the home will usually have a bit of musty odor to it. You can also use your eyes as a valuable tool to assist with inspecting for mold. When it appears on different parts of a home, it will usually look black, green, or possibly even orange. If there are some marks of water left behind on the ceiling of a room, you could have a mold problem. If you aren’t sure if you can smell, or see mold or not, you should consult expert services – if in Texas try this Austin mold inspection company. 


One way to remove mold from specific surfaces is to use a combination of bleach mixed with water. However, you might still end up with some mold that starts to reappear again in the future. If you do not want to deal with mold again after getting rid of it the first time around, you need to take some preventative measures.


Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing


It only takes as little as two days for mold to begin growing in a specific location. You could put a wet towel on the floor, leave it there for a few days, and then pick it up off the floor only to notice there is mold on it. If you leave your clothes in the washing machine for extended periods, mold can start growing.


You need to make sure you are cleaning and disinfecting parts of the home on a regular basis. Pay attention to areas where mold is more likely to grow, such as the floors, countertops, and sinks. You should keep a close eye on rooms where mold grows quite often, such as the bathroom, basement, and kitchen, too. When disinfecting different surfaces, many people like to use a vapor steam cleaner. Aside from doing the job of disinfecting those surfaces, it eliminates moisture that could cause mold growth.


Try to have an exhaust fan installed inside the bathroom. If it runs while you take a shower or bath, it eliminates a lot of the moisture that is often found inside the bathroom. It can reduce the amount of moisture in the room and even keep your bathroom mirror from getting so foggy when you have finished taking a hot, steamy shower. An exhaust fan is a good thing to have when you are trying to win the fight against mold in your home.


If you have any plumbing problems, hire a professional plumber to handle those problems before leaks get worse and lead to a buildup of mold. A leak can occur when a pipe is in poor condition and is cracking. You need to get those old pipes replaced as soon as they start to show obvious signs of wear and tear or else you could end up with a huge mold problem on your hands. Even if you are putting forth a lot of effort to keep the home clean, you will have trouble with mold if you have pipes that are leaking.


When storing belongings that you are not using away, make sure those items are not wet or even the slightest bit damp before you put them away. If you put certain items away while they are just a bit damp, mold could still eventually start growing on those items and that means you might have to part with them.


Let Air Circulate in the Home


Provide an open space for air to circulate throughout your home. Open the windows when you are able to do so. It is good to open the windows to let natural air make its way inside the building. There are times when you might not be able to leave the windows open because you have your air conditioning unit running, but you should still make it a priority to have those windows open as often as possible.


Do What You Can to Keep Mold Out of the Basement


A lot of people do not like going into the basement, but it is better to do what you can now than to have to deal with mold growth later. You can place a dehumidifier in the basement to help eliminate some of the moisture. If you have basement windows, you should leave them open to let the air circulate inside the basement from outside. If it is raining, make sure to shut the windows to keep the water from getting into the home.


If you have plants, you should make sure mold is not growing inside the soil of the plants. If it is, you can use something that is known as Taheboo tea. It prevents mold growth while keeping the plants healthy.