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FINE Magazine 

[Updated October 11, 2016] Since 2008, FINE magazine has focused on luxury into a pure state of enjoyment—where indulgence and entertainment intersect thoughtful prose and evocative content. FINE magazine defines luxury throughout San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs and Los Angeles by supporting an audience that strives for excellence in their professional and personal lives. Through innovation, creativity and an eye for style, we believe anyone can enjoy luxurious products and services with the right attitude.

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Our mission is to redefine the expectations of a print publication by focusing on serving our clients with exceptional service and a quality product. We believe our advertisers deserve more from their advertising campaign—where print media is only the beginning. 

FINE magazine presents readers with quality content, stimulating articles, luxurious brands and distinctive style that compliments the ambitions shared by our professional, creative and affluent readers. Capture the audience and distinguish a brand with an audience that enjoys luxury as much as we do. For more information about our 2017 media go to the top right-hand corner of this page.

When we say that our print magazine is only the beginning of FINE’S marketing reach—we mean it. We understand that technology has dramatically changed the landscape of advertising—that for some readers, direct and instantaneous access to information is imperative. That’s why we deliver and distribute our magazine content across several mediums including social media, digital downloads for smart devices, daily web content, and substantial subscriber list. FINE magazine is a regional publication focused throughout San Diego’s most affluent communities from Coronado to Oceanside and enjoys distribution in parts of Orange County, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles. Along with traditional direct mail and hundreds of retail locations, FINE offers exclusive opportunities to canvas specialty areas for specific advertising campaigns.

FINE magazine supports a unique niche in the San Diego Market that represents influential and affluent industry leaders, as well as younger emerging professionals motivated to achieve personal and professional excellence. For more detailed information call Fine Magazine at 858-759-7900.  



Age of our Readers: 35-44

Female: 62.3% Male: 37.7%

Education: HS Grad 98% Bachelor’s 73% Graduate 34.3%

Married: 70.1% Annual Income: $203,682

Net Worth: $1,090,830 Real Estate Value:$1,151,182

Autos Owned: 3 per home Residences Owed: 2 per family


Print and Distribution

Printed 25,000 copies per month Over 90,000 readers

12,000 copies direct mailed to affluent subscribers

5,000 copies delivered to 265 newsstands

3,500 copies delivered to 938 Offices & Businesses

4,000 copies delivered to Private Clubs, Hotels & Resorts

500 copies direct mailed to CEO/CFO of Fortune 1000 Companies


265 newsstands throughout in La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Coronado and Downtown San Diego. 


938 Offices & Businesses

Doctor offices, Boutiques, Prestigious Country Clubs, Visitor Centers, Banks, Real Estate Offices, San Diego Airport, Palomar Airport, Special Events, Tourist Attractions, Upscale Restaurants, and Clubs. Ferrari and Maserati of San Diego, O'Gara Coach of La Jolla, and others.


Hotels & Resorts:

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla Hotel, The Grand Del Mar, Omni La Costa Resort, Hilton Torrey Pines, Estancia, Rancho Valencia, La Valencia, The Lodge at Torrey Pines



Twitter Followers: 13,585

Facebook Followers:       11,049

Active Email Subscribers: 54,000

Monthly Unique Visitors: 128,000

Monthly Page Views: 174,000

For more information about FINE magazine or to receive our media kit fill out the information on the top right-hand side of this screen. 


FINE Magazine Event Sponsorships

There isn’t anything we like more than a good party and FINE magazine recognizes the importance of creating a three-dimensional experience for our advertisers to get up close and personally with our readers in an entertaining way.

For information regarding event sponsorship, contact our event planner at 858-759-7900

fine magazine events  San Diego

FINE Magazine Fine Ticket Tuesday Participation 

Our FINE Ticket Tuesday is a unique marketing opportunity to get your audience more engaged with your business. Readers have the opportunity every Tuesday with a chance to win free tickets to plays, musicals, sweepstakes and anything that will capture the audience and distinguish your brand.

FINE Magazine Digital

FINE recognizes that social media is an important part of reaching our audience on a daily and instantaneous basis. We are proud to have competitive statistics that reflect our effort to build and maintain a healthy and active community within these various media outlets.

Digital Media Kit

For more online advertising information, please call  858-759-7900

Custom Advertising Packages 

Every business has a specific budget allocated to fill various wants and needs.

Call 760.908.5729 or to speak to a representative so we can help put together an advertising package that works best for your business.

2017 Issue Schedule

For detailed information of each month's theme and direction, please contact our office or fill out a request for the 2017 media kit above. 

Issue Date Editorial Deadline Advertising Deadline  Delivery Date
November 9-10-16 9-30-16 11-1-2016
December 10-01-16 11-15-16 12-1-2016
January 11-01-16 12-14-16 1-1-2017
February 12-01-16 1-10-17 2-1-2017
March 1-01-17 2-9-17 3-1-2017
April 2-01-17 3-10-17 4-1-2017
May 3-01-17 4-10-17 5-1-2017
June 4-01-17 5-10-17 6-1-2017
July 5-01-17 6-10-17 7-1-2017
August 6-01-17 7-09-17 8-1-2017
September  7-1-17 8-10-17 9-1-2017
October 8-1-17 9-10-17 10-1-2017
November 9-01-17 10-10-17 11-1-2017
December 10-01-17 11-12-17 12-1-2017
January 11-1-17 12-14-17 1-1-2018
February 12-1-17 1-10-18 2-1-2018
March 1-1-18 2-10-18 3-1-2018

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