April 2019

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Architectural Gems of Los Angeles: 10 Sights to Hit Your Eyes

For several decades, Los Angeles served as a creative platform for many talented architects. The buildings of this city surprise not only with its scope, but also with its incredible appearance, which makes Los Angeles a great place for the fans of unusual designer solutions.

The Five Best Party Movies Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

If you're trying to get some birthday party ideas, and you're planning on showing a movie during the event, you'll want to be sure you pick the right film. There are so many in

8 Home Repair Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Often, the list of things we need to do around the home seems endless. There are holes in the walls to patch, clogged toilets to fix, foundation cracks to repair, broken floor tiles to replace, nail holes to fill, squeaky doors to fix, and so on.

Incredibly Flattering Undercut Hair Ideas to Ask from Your Stylist

Undercut styles are usually associated with men but do you know they appear flattering and gorgeous in women as well? Many women who have tried undercuts never regret their decisions. This beautiful haircut gives you a unique look despite how you create it.

Aging and Storing Your Wine

Topping Ten Dirty Areas in the Office

Offices are so organized, it’s very easy to think offices are the cleanest places in the world. There may be no debris littering the office environment but be sure that millions of unseen bacteria abound.

Stylish Line Up Haircuts for Guys

Are you going to get a hair makeover? Well, that’s a great idea! And if you’re looking for a super clean haircut that doesn’t look too simple and boring, consider the line-up hairstyle for your next cut. The line-up style is...

Setting up Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities for Your Edmonton Home

If you have been living in Edmonton, Alberta, for a while now or if you have recently moved there, you are definitely going to find yourself searching for the internet to figure out how to set up the utilities for natural gas and electricity in your home.

5 Best Backyard Party Ideas for Adults This Summer

Summer is here, and summer without parties is incomplete! If you are not going to attend any parties this summer, maybe you should organize one.

54th Annual Women of Dedication Luncheon of The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary hosted its 54th annual Women of Dedication "All Stars" Luncheon on April 12th, 2019 at San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina.

Best exercises to stop aging, keep muscles, brain healthy

As we age in life, one of the most common problems we’ll suffer from is physical fatigue. Naturally, we grow weaker with age and tend to find it harder to achieve the same pace, consistency, and strength.

Gift Guide For Stylish Men

There’s so much to learn and understand about how a stylish man get dressed, and you’d be surprised at the intricate details and fine lines that dressing up entails. It starts with everything a man wears, from his watch, all the way to the shoes, including belts, shirts, lapel pins, tie clips, and so much more.