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Fashion Trends

Carol Bader's Del Mar Hat Co Melds Horse Racing and Fashion

Headquartered here in Del Mar, just minutes from the home of the races, is the Del Mar Hat Company - a small boutique that houses the big business studio of internationally renowned designer Carol Bader.

Forever Young Retro Photoshoot

Enjoy this retro-inspired photoshoot shot at the Keating Hotel.

San Diego's 2017 ​Temecula Fashion Week Recap

On Friday, May 19th, entrepreneur and community leader Marie Waite presented local designers that highlighted a memorable opening night during Temecula’s annual fashion week at the City Hall, Old Town Temecula Courtyard.

Rising Strong: La Jolla Fashion Photoshoot

This photoshoot was set at Glider's Point in La Jolla, with photography by Cherry Duong.

Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

Instead of viewing the world in shades of gray on sunny days through dark black lenses, try out Rainbow OPTX sunglasses.

Swing into Spring with the Hottest Handbag Trends

The runway handbag looks are teeming with bold prints, eye-catching handle designs, and enticing shapes this year, and it won’t be long before these styles hit the streets.

Iconic Designer Bags Every Woman Should Own

Having a classic, timeless bag that never goes out of style is a must for every contemporary woman. If you can't make up your mind, check out these 10 "it" designer bags that are true represents of high fashion and luxury.

Real Talk on Coachella Fashion

Welcome to Coachella, the Music and Arts festival that draws the biggest names in the music scene, along with 198,000 sweating and hyped up guests annually.

Desert Dreaming Fashion Photoshoot

This time of the year, sunny days are accompanied by some crisp nights, and the majestic desert provides an amazing view in Southern California. Enjoy this stunning San Diego desert-themed photoshoot.

Blushing Brides Photoshoot

Here are some of San Diego's top wedding gowns.

Twisted Spring Photoshoot

Make up and hair, plus styling, by Sonia Tabor. Models are Zoe Birdsell and Aleena Flowers. Photography by Jonathan Sevilla.

Grayton Automatic Watches an Admirable Accessory for All

One watch company that understands the mission-critical nature of craftsmanship is Grayton, which is a purveyor of fine automatic watches that are as classic as they are cool.

The Evolution of Denim Jeans

The versatile, durable yet humble jean continues to be one of the most complex but common garments.

Romancing the City

Step inside the grandiose Westgate, the historic U.S. Grant and the classic Marriott for a picture-perfect romance.

Local Fashion Designer Transforms Yoga Pants With Balinese Flair

Larissa Miller could hardly believe it––it was 2016, and she had just caught a flight to Bali when her taxi driver Noman said something that would turn the car around: he knew a local seamstress. Three months later, Pi Yoga Pants became a reality.

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