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How to Give Your Kitchen/Diner a 1950s Vibe

Whether you are in the midst of setting up a 1950s retro diner or a kitchen in your home, there are a few essential elements which will give you that authentic appeal you are going for. This was a time when every restaurant had a jukebox and you could still play your favorite hits for a dime.

Style Your Bedroom to Your Mood

Ways to design your home to bring a different mood into your bedroom using different colors. These are some tips on ways to bring a new tone to your living space.

Top 5 Interior Design Styles for a Dorm Room You Will Like

Decorating a small dormitory comes with some specific challenges to non-designers. Especially when you are simultaneously sleeping, studying, entertaining and relaxing there and want a room to serve all the functions. And if you add a roommate, those challenges can increase because of the need for space and your perception of it which might be different from the one your roommate has.

How to Design the Perfect Room

If you are one of the many people who feel that they would have no idea where to begin when it comes to designing a room, this guide is for you. Designing a room isn’t nearly as difficult as many people think, especially when you have someone to guide you through the process. Here is How to Design the Perfect Room

3 Trendy Ways To Create A Stunning Focal Wall

When summer comes around, it’s always a wonderful time to spruce up a room in your house. There have been many new trends in 2018 that have taken interior design. You can incorporate trendy ideas that will make any room feel stylish in the form of a stunning focal wall.

5 Features that Will Completely Refresh Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

If you want to make your bathroom look better but don't think you have the money to afford a big remodeling project, there are ways to work around your wallet. For instance, here are some great bathroom trends you could consider.

How to find the best office desk -Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Little Gems

Your choice of office furniture is important. When you create the right ambiance in a workplace you make it easier for you to work efficiently. You also make a good impression on clients.

3 Old School Interior Styles that have Recently Made a Comeback

Sometimes, the best way to stand out and be original is to look to the past. Trends come and go every year, and while some end up in the dustbin of interior decor history, some are coming back with a vengeance. If you are looking to remodel your home this summer, here are some of the old school interior styles that are poised to make a comeback in 2018.

Custom Closet Design - The Tools of the Trade

Every artist, every craftsman, and every designer is only as good as the tools they have at their disposal. And just like a carpenter has a number of saws to cut wood in different ways and at different angles, a closet remodel project requires you to have specialized tools to meet your goals with the greatest precision and detail.

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes You Must Know And Avoid

If you are looking to design even a single room, you should start researching possible options but you should also know what the common interior design mistakes are. Here are some very common mistakes that people make when designing a home or even a room and regret afterwards:

New Decor for the New You: Here Are the Trends You Need to Follow

What's old is new again. Old school pops of color and hanging fixtures are showing up in modern homes along side botanical features and floral prints.

How To Keep Your Vinyl Flooring Warm This Winter

Winter is around and you are in the mood to dunk away from the jarring cold in the comfort of your home. The advent of cold makes it imperative to transform your space into a warm and cozy abode.

5 Top Home Exterior Trends For 2018

For all homeowners out there, the exterior of your home is one of the most important parts of it. 5 Top Home Exterior Trends For 2018

How To Design a Social Space At Home

Do you love inviting people over to share your living space? Is one of your life goals to become the perfect host? If your answer to these questions is yes, you may want to consider evaluating the social spaces in your property. You need to make sure that it has what it takes to support the demands of your social calendar. If you are concerned that your property isn’t up to scratch, have no fear. Simply work your way through the following four steps.

The Most Popular Interior Design Trends For 2018

Whether you are into home accessories or you are looking for a particular interior design, you are going to be in for quite the surprise this year. So, what are these trends and how can you utilize them in your home?

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