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Wedding Trends To Watch

Wedding trends are ever-changing and here's how to keep up with the most stylish trends for 2018.

Follow These Tips to Become the Ideal Bridesmaid

Follow these tips to ensure your bridesmaid's duty goes smoothly and you'll be the hit of the wedding! Your bride will thank you if you follow these tips!

The Evolution of Weddings

In Western countries, we imagine the bride wearing a white dress and rice being tossed at the happy newlyweds after they have recited their nuptials. How did these traditions begin? What is the symbolism for throwing rice at the newly married couple? And why shouldn’t the bride and groom see one another prior to the ceremony? Let’s review some history and modern-day rituals.

Wedding Music Makes the Party

Music has the capability to set the mood for an environment, so it’s essential to choose music that sets the right tone for what you envision. You’re not going to hear classical music playing in a tattoo parlor, and you’re certainly not going to hear heavy metal music playing in an elegant restaurant. The right music is crucial in creating a fitting environment, and in the case of wedding receptions, the right music is the music that is going to get everyone up off their seats and onto the dance floor.

Tuxedo Dogs: The Cutest Trend in Weddings Today

Now more than ever, people are choosing to include their precious pups in their memorable day, and why wouldn’t they Marriage is the joining of two people in love, along with loved-ones who celebrate the special day with them, so it makes perfect sense to include the dog—or any pet for that matter—in the wedding celebration.

Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many elements that need to be taken care of to make your wedding day perfect. These tips will help take a little bit of stress off of you as your approach your dream day! You want your bridesmaids to feel good on the day, to be comfortable, not have to outlay too much for their dresses, and hopefully be able to wear their gowns again. Read on for some tips you can follow today.

We All Love a Fairytale

Planning a trip to London to watch the royal couple pass in horse and carriage on their wedding day? Here's a five-star way to take in the royal wedding with luxury accommodations at The Arch London.

Symbols of Love for Romantic Interiors

Everyone has been in the position where they want to strike a certain mood - one of romance, intimacy, lust or pure unadulterated love. It could be that you’re planning a wedding or that you’re preparing your flat for an important date. Whatever the interior and whatever the occasion, there are certain symbols of love and affection that you’ll be able to build in to drop seductive hints or to celebrate the union of two lovers in front of friends and family. Listed below are a few of these timeless and universally-recognizable symbols. Follow these Symbols of Love for Romantic Interiors

San Diego Wedding Party EXPO

An engagement is one of the most exciting times for the soon-to-be brides and grooms-it can also be one of the most stressful. That's where San Diego Style Wedding EXPO saves the day! Brides and guests alike sample all of the finest wedding vendors that southern California has to offer.

Wedding Bliss: How to Have a Royal Wedding on a Small Budget

Weddings are miracles birthed from love, but these events change from generation to generation. At the moment, millennials are changing a number of things about weddings, mainly their overall average cost. This generation is definitely one of the most frugal generations out there, trying to save a buck wherever possible, like by buying a cheap gown. Now, no one is saying that your gown has to look cheap on your wedding day; the dress can look high-end with some of the following tips and tricks.

How Women Can Stay Safe Keeping Up With The Right-Hand Diamond Ring Trend

Take a peek inside your jewelry box to see if anything is missing. If you’re single, it’s likely you won’t have a diamond ring. You don’t have to be engaged or married to own one. Ask thousands of women living all around the globe. How Women Can Stay Safe Keeping Up With The Right-Hand Diamond Ring Trend

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