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Women's Fashion

Biggest Fashion Trends for Men and Women

You must see the latest fall and winter fashion trends that you can expect to see in the coming months.

5 Top Designers that Deserve Your Attention This Year

Designers to watch this year range from veteran pros like Louis Vuitton, to fresh creative geniuses like Krewe du Optic. We took the liberty of doing your homework for you. Below is an overview of 5 top designers, so you can just focus on the shopping!

Wear Art, Live Art: Limited Edition Leggings from Artist Dawn Hough Sebaugh

Local San Diego artist Dawn Hough Sebaugh has a history of creating wild and expressive paintings meant to adorn a large living room wall. Now she is fashion forward with wearing art.

The Magical World of Wearable Art

Sometimes artistic pieces this extravagant are viewed in a museum, but the true magic of wearable art is often best noticed when worn live to embrace natural human movement.

Get in the Know with Woman’s Watches This Year

Improved technology, sophisticated colors, metallic tones, and back-to-basics are all factors that play into the top women's watches in 2017.

The Hottest Swimsuit Cover-Up Trends

Swimsuit cover-ups remain a fashion staple that is continuously evolving to meet the demands of fashionistas worldwide.

6 Beach Friendly Flip Flops

What are beach-friendly shoes? Fast-drying, comfortable, and cute sandals or flip-flops.

The Ultimate Guide to Woman’s Jeans

Here’s the ultimate buyers guide to jean shopping, sure to help you find the perfect denim.

Lisseth Corrao Fashion Designer Interview

With unique and opulent dresses, it’s no wonder Lisseth Corrao Couture makes an appearance at almost every San Diego formal event.

Buckle Up with These Belt Trends

Have we left belts somewhere in the depths of our wardrobe memories—or are they the accessory of the year?

Interview with Patrick Kevin Francisco

FINE Magazine spoke to Patrick Kevin Francisco about his design process, fashion line GAiETY Up and future plans.

Top Shoes and Handbags by Sam Edelman

With 30 years in the industry, Sam Edelman has aged his craft of footwear design much like a fine wine.

Interview with Designer David Parker

With roots in both coastal California and rural Idaho, designer David Parker likes to explore the influences different cultures had on him.

Fall Fashion Color Trend: Pink Salt

Pink continues as both a core color and a fashionable shade, with warm, baked hues providing volume and color options across retailers.

Capes to the Rescue

Drawing off the casual-chic look of a jacket draped around the shoulders, capes and their elegant sisters, cape dresses, incorporate the idea into the garment itself.

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