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High-Fashion Bridal Designers Stun with Their 2017 Collections

With hundreds of couture designers hand sewing one- of-a-kind gowns now, there’s no reason every bride can’t shine in her wedding photos.

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

In this article, we’ll discuss modern trends in engagement jewelry and provide some advice on how to save money on your purchase.

Sean Loghman: The Accidental Jeweler

Most successful businesses are born of hopes and dreams. Loghman Jewelers—which at 28 years and counting holds the longest tenancy at Del Mar Plaza—was also born of panic.

5 Ways to Feel Good in a Bikini This Summer

The thought of wearing a bikini during the summer can often be a little daunting, especially if a person has body confidence issues. We are therefore providing informative tips on how you can feel good in a bikini this summer.

The Evolution of Denim Jeans

The versatile, durable yet humble jean continues to be one of the most complex but common garments.

5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress for Brides

Shopping for a wedding gown can be a rather stressful process; luckily we have some top wedding gown tips.

A Spring Sensation Fashion Shoot

With Deena Von Yokes of Studio Savvy Salon at the helm, model Taylor Morway of ZarZar agency and photographer Susie Talman turned Grape Day Park into a fashion wonderland.

Interview with Neki Bosh

FINE Magazine's Fashonista Mkayy meets up with Harper's Bazaar Ambassador, Lucky Contributor & World Traveler Neki Bosh to discuss everything.

Hottest 8 Lingerie Picks for Your Valentine

What are you gifting your other half this Valentine’s Day? Chocolates and flowers are nice, but when it’s time to spice things up, you can count on these stunning lingerie suggestions to do the trick.

VOTE: Who Does the Best Bridal Hair?

Who creates the best bridal hair in San Diego?

VOTE: Who Has the Best Wedding Dresses in San Diego?

Vote for your favorite wedding dress stores and designers now!

Interview with Jolie Femme deux Lingerie

Spoil your woman in style with sexy lingerie, silk-kissed sleepwear and Italian laces with Jolie Femme deux Lingerie, the most sophisticated boutique in Del Mar.

5 Things Men Should Know About Buying Lingerie

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and if you're thinking about buying your bae something sexy for the red-hot holiday, stop! Don't buy anything without considering these five, important things...

Fitness Gear for 2017

Here are 10 items every woman needs for the ideal exercise routine.

Interview with Papion Jewelry

Saideh Shemirani of Papion Jewelry designs beautiful and unique pieces.

Stockings, Tights, and Leggings: Which is It?

Ladies tend to use the names stockings, tights, and leggings interchangeably to describe the thin cloth that keeps our legs warm in the winter.

A Winter Trend-Setters Guide to High Fashion Scarves

The simple addition of a scarf can add a soft touch of color or a bold trend-setting statement to any winter wardrobe.

Jaded Marie Photoshoot

It’s fairytale meets fabulous couture, featuring fashions by Jaded Marie.

Double Trouble from Fashion Duo Nina and Nita

With a growing online following, Nina and Nita are a pair worth keeping your eye on—and FINE Magazine spoke to them about their lifestyle.

Cute Shoes for the New Year

Here are some of the top gala shoes for 2017.

FINE Jewelry for 2017

A piece of jewelry is necessary for pulling an outfit together and adding some extra shine.

New Year's Eve Top Handbags

Color blocking, velvet, and chain straps are among the trendiest styles in the handbag world this holiday season.

Chic, Trending Bags

Trés-chic, trending bags for when you need a perky touch to your life. Enjoy these gorgeous pieces of fashion now, from Kate Spade to Lilly Pulitzer.

Gorgeous Gala Garb

From designer shoes to beautiful bags, get gala-ready with this year’s latest looks.

Handbags: The New Statement Piece

Designers such as Anya Hindmarch, Burberry and Gucci have all designed handbags with the same thing in mind: handbags are the new statement piece.

Where the Garden Ends Photoshoot

With gorgeous dresses and a fabulous style, enjoy "Where the Garden Ends," photographed by Lauren Huffine and directed by Liese Victoria.

Exclusive Melora Hardin Photoshoot

FINE Magazine interviews actress Melora Hardin, who was recently nominated for an Emmy award for her work in Transparent.

Statement Pieces

Enjoy beautiful statement pieces with the latest artistic jewelry.

The Latest and Greatest in Dior Fashion

Check out the latest fashions from Dior's autumn and winter seasons.

What’s Your Fitcode?

Online shopping company Fitcode makes shopping for jeans easy.

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