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Trend in the World of Neckties

Over the last decade or so, men’s ties have slimmed down to a skinner form but now they are starting to get back to that old thick form. Here are Trend in the World of Neckties

Spring Summer Fashion Trends What You Need to Know

Hot Trends This Spring Bring Throwback to 80’s and Early 90’s Jaquelyn Wahidi is one of San Diego’s top stylists we introduced in our Top Fashion Stylists’ story at the beginning of the year.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Clothing Positively Affects Your Mood

This article is going to discuss five ways that you can ensure that your clothing positively affects your mood.

SPRING 2018 Ready-to-Wear Accessory Trends

Springtime is here! These 11 must-have accessories will give your outfit a splash of color to ring in the season!

Customized Mobile Devices Made With Serious Glitz & Glamour

Thanks to the amazing artistry and engineering from Feld & Volk, a customized mobile device with glitz and glamour is at your fingertips. Using materials such as titanium, gold, carbon fiber, sapphire glass, Louisiana alligator leather and Karelian birch wood, Feld & Volk does not cease to amaze. The company constructs exclusive high-end designed cases for iPhones, Sony PlayStations and iPads. In fact, they’re the first company to create an iPhone 5s modification made of pure gold.

Season's New Color Collection: Pantone Color Institute

This past September, Pantone released their Fashion Color Trend Report— an overview of colors that correspond to top colors in fashion from all kinds of designers and showing at New York Fashion Week— for the season of Spring 2018.

Easter Attire and Footwear for Men

Pastel isn't just for the ladies! As the weather heats up, so are these current men's fashion trends!

These Streetwear Trends Are Defining a Modern Time Period

Streetwear, who some have dubbed in the past as the ‘antithesis of couture’, has been on the rise and is considered the fashion statement of this decade. Most celebrities and trendy fashion bloggers will sport these either on a daily basis or try it out at one point or another. From Rihanna to Adwoa Aboah, Kristen Stewart to David Beckham, celebrities from all different avenues have countlessly been spotted rocking these trends.

How To Find The Perfect Gift For Your Partner

Have a hard time shopping for that special someone? It can be difficult to get a nice gift even for someone that you know so well. Whether you're putting real thought into an anniversary or an upcoming birthday, there are too many different gift-giving occasions and too little good ideas. So here's a couple of ideas to help get you started on that shopping list for the next big gift-giving occasion on your calendar.

Tips to Help Couples Match Without Looking too Matchy

There is no doubt that style makes a difference. Most of it is a personal choice, but it is okay to be influenced by others. The most important thing to remember when trying to figure out how you two are going to fit in is to establish open communication. Tips to Help Couples Match Without Looking too Matchy

La Quinta Arts Festival

7 Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Refreshed for Spring

Give your closet a refresher. Get ready to liven up your wardrobe for the festive spring season with these tips from fashion industry insiders. 7 Tips for Getting Your Wardrobe Refreshed for Spring

A Guide for Valentine's Day Gifts

Here are 6 great Valentine's Day gift ideas for women, and 5 great gifts for men.

Wardrobe Essentials for Your Children

Creating a simple and versatile wardrobe for kids is something that every parent should consider. A good way of investing in items that are durable, high-quality, comfortable and even casual or elegant can be difficult. Here are the Wardrobe Essentials for Your Children.

How To Stay Trendy In College on a Limited Budget

These five tips are not only applicable for college students, but also for anyone else who is trying to stay trendy or hip: How To Stay Trendy In College on a Limited Budget

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