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Looking After Your Sexual Health

There are lots of ways you can enjoy sex during the party season without compromising your health. Firstly, there is a vast array of condoms and spermicide lubricants available, some of which can enhance both male and female pleasure. Just be careful to use water-based lubricants with condoms, as spermicide varieties can wear down the latex and compromise your protection.

6 Ways To Boost Your Weight Loss This New Year

If you’re planning on losing weight this year, it may be harder than you think! Luckily, there are some simple strategies you can use to increase your chances. Check out these genius tips: 6 Ways To Boost Your Weight Loss This New Year

Why January is the best time to swap your vices for virtues

It is in January that we can become more self-reflective and more aware of our vices. We have just spent the holidays partying and drinking and eating more than we usually would. The holiday season comprises a hedonistic lifestyle and we enjoy it in the knowledge that it is just for a short period of time. The very fact that it only covers a month or so makes us more relaxed and more liable to flippancy.

4 Steps to Take Before Starting a New Relationship

There is nothing wrong with wanting to share as much of your life as possible with someone special, the key is to make sure that you maintain a healthy attitude to relationships. Steps to Take Before Starting a New Relationship.

How to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy

Finding out your partner is pregnant can bring about a whole raft of feelings such as joy, surprise, fear, excitement and worry – all of which are normal and to be expected. How to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy

5 Things You Must Do After Finding Out You’re Pregnant

To help you navigate the path to parenthood, here are five things you can do right now to get your pregnancy off to a healthy start. Things You Must Do After Finding Out You’re Pregnant

5 Habits of People Who Age Gracefully

It’s a fact of life that we all age. As more and more of us want to retain our prime years for as long as possible, we find ourselves searching for the elixir of eternal youth. However, there are habits to apply to yourself and your lifestyle to help you age gracefully.

Understanding And Preventing Five Common Yoga Injuries

While yoga is an incredibly productive and safe activity, recent evidence suggests that the injury rate is higher than previously believed. About 10 percent of regular practitioners reported some degree of significant musculoskeletal pain, chiefly in their shoulders and arms. We have tips Preventing Five Common Yoga Injuries

How to keep your Marriage Healthy

The honeymoon period in most marriages has a shelf-life. But does that mean you can’t bring back those fluttery, butterfly feelings of excitement and anticipation, everyone experiences at the beginning of a relationship? Absolutely not! All marriages maneuver through rough patches. How to keep your Marriage Healthy.

Best Herbs to Grow in Your House-Herbs to Plant Indoor

Staying Healthy & Fit Without Letting Physical Limitations Stop You

With anyone who has a physical limitation that they were born with, developed over time or suffered due to medical negligence, it’s easy to get disheartened and believe that there’s little can be done about health, but this usually is not the case. Let’s look at the situation a little deeper.

5 Detox & Wellness Getaways in Palm Springs, California

Whew! You’ve made it through another holiday with all your family under the same roof. You also stayed strong and pushed through the magnified temptation to overindulge in food and irresistible desserts. For those two reasons alone, you deserve to treat yourself

5 Tips for Boosting Employee Health

Looking for creative and sure-fire ways to boost employee health? Whether you’re looking to decrease sick days or increase office morale and loyalty, don’t miss these smart and healthy ideas:

San Diego’s Best Senior Living Facility: Vi at La Jolla Village

Aging doesn’t come with an instruction book. That’s why Vi at La Jolla is the best choice to make when considering your future.

How to Stay Healthy and Eat What You Want This Holiday

During the holiday’s we indulge until we can’t eat anymore, which can be great to our taste buds, but not great for our belts. You shouldn’t have to worry about what you're eating during this time and what it’ll do to your weight, but rather here are some helpful tips to get you through the holidays while staying healthy.

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