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Here's What You Should Know Before Your Next Spin Class

Spin classes are a highly intense cycling workout! When it comes to the list of benefits you can quickly obtain this from one ride on a Spinning bike, the list goes on and on.

Ketogenic Diet vs Intermittent Fasting: Which is Better?

Almost everyone trying to lose weight wants that optimum solution of losing the most weight in the shortest time possible with the easiest time plan. Especially during winter, when people start gaining the cold-weather weight.

8 Ways to Boost Your Testosterone

The key functions of testosterone are evident during adolescence. It is responsible for the deepening of your voice, increased muscle and growth of your beard. Testosterone levels drop as you age, making it important to maintain the right amounts of testosterone levels while maturing.

Ways to Take Care of Your Health During Pregnancy

First, congratulations on the pregnancy. If you’re on the internet looking for ways to be healthy for yourself and for your child then you are on the right track to becoming a great mother. Being healthy during pregnancy is extremely important for a healthy birth and delivery. It is highly recommended to start seeing a doctor once you find out that you are pregnant.

How sitting is actually killing you

Unless you are currently riding on an escalator, packed into a rush-hour subway or lining up in another interminable queue at the DMV, there is a strong probability that you are seated as you read this article. I mean, there is a good chance that nowadays you are doing more sitting than ever before.

San Antonio Chiropractor - Auto Accidents, Whiplash, Back & Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is a great drug free way to get treatment for whiplash or other auto accident related pain. Chiropractic treatment generally uses pressure relieving techniques and the manipulation of the spine and ligaments to relieve pain and properly realign the body's natural skeletal structure

Holiday Workout Tips

Six tips to keep you in shape over the holiday season.

Residential Gym Equipment Supplier: Do You Have Big Plans for Your Residential Gym?

A home gym does not always have to translate to a dark and serious dungeon with dusty benches and ancient dumbbells. The room you dedicate to fitness should be welcoming, bright and motivating. It should not intimidate you or depress you. Home gyms and man caves are becoming synonymous with each passing day, and we could not be happier about it!

5 Eye Care Tips while You Travel.

Expert ophthalmologist Anne Sumers, M.D suggests that you get your prescription checked before you go to stop any unnecessary eye strain, and then take two pairs of your glasses with you.

5 Health, Fitness and Beauty Brands and Influencers to Follow

Want To Pamper Yourself On A Budget? How To Do It At Home!

There’s no need to pay for an expensive body scrub at a spa when you can make your very own at home using ingredients from your kitchen cabinets. Combine a cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of olive oil and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil

Health Guide on How to Gain Muscle

Everyone wants to be in good shape. For some of us, being at a healthy weight and size is perfectly fine, but if you want to gain muscle and strength, you have to up level your health and fitness routine. Here’s a health guide on how to gain muscle and strength.

Giddy for Gregarious Goats

The classes at Sugar Sweet Farm in Encinitas will surely persuade you that yoga with goats is indeed the “greatest of all time.” Business partners Elizabeth and Sissy Sugarman offered their first class last February, just as the hottest new fitness craze began taking the internet by storm.

Workout Better Not Harder

As athletes turned fitness trainers, they offer quite the dynamic for those looking for a greater whole life balance—a personal investment of sorts in fitness and well-being; even offering a few pieces of their expert advice for our readers. And without further ado, meet Jeff and Josh— both of whom, are 44.

5 Tips For Cycling In The Summer

Cycling in summer is a lot of fun but you have to know how to cycle safely because of the heat. Summers can get very hot, but the heat is not the only thing that you have to worry about. You also have to think about the dehydration, and heat stroke. Because cycling is an energy intensive exercise, you will need to get ready for the summer riding.

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