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8 Ways to Finance Your New Mexico Restaurant

How do you finance your restaurant mission? In today’s financial climate it can be tricky, but there are several ways to do so if you have plenty of passion, a good business plan and you’re willing to put in the work to get a return on any investment you achieve. Finance Your New Mexico Restaurant

How to Raise Money Against Your Home To Create Luxury Kitchen Or Extension

Mortgage loans work in many ways; it could either be used for financial purposes or to purchase a property to build a home to name a few but there are instances that the investor of the mortgage loan might get confused along the way. Just like purchasing a product, mortgage loan has a designated price and amount and it also has terms that can be negotiable by comparing the different costs that are involved in obtaining the mortgage loan.

Effective Planning for Your Family’s Future

When you decide to settle down and start a family, it can be a hectic time with young children, work and starting a new home together. The future can seem a long way away, however, before you realize it has crept up on you. That is why it is important that you try to prepare your family for the future by planning ahead. By thinking ahead, you can help to deal with those big events in your family’s life.

7 Suggestions to Improve Your Quality of Life

Improving your quality life means focusing on these seven key areas of your life:

5 Ways to Invest Your Money

The earlier you invest, either in a risky market or a stable one, the more you can reap when you finally retire and stop working. Here are five ways to invest your money for the future:

A Look at Our Economy Going Into 2015

Now that 2015 is here, we can look at 2014 in an attempt to gauge how our economy is likely to perform.

The Sweetens: One of San Diego's Most Charitable Families

Vicki and Alan Sweeten are one of San Diego's most charitable families, working closely with some of our city's top charities, veterans and families in need.

Your IRA May Not be Protected from Bankruptcy

Are you worried about not keeping up your IRA information? You should be, this past June, the Supreme Court decided your Inherited IRA is not a retirement fund. What does this mean to you?

Vicki Sweeten San Diego's FINEst mortgage brokers

San Diego's Top Mortgage Broker Alan Sweeten

Dawn DuCharme and Mark Lovec San Diego's FINEst Mortgage Consultants

San Diego Mortgage Lender Advertorial

We are actively seeking high profile San Diego mortgage lenders interested in marketing, PR and advertorial in an upcoming issue of Fine Magazine.

Business News

Samuel Scott named one of the best places to work in San Diego.

The Bottom Line

2010 was a very nice year on Wall Street. At the closing bell on December 31, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was sitting just eight points beneath a two-year high, recorded two days earlier.

Move To Luxury Homes

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