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Top golf courses in California

The range of courses that you prefer will depend on your level of skill and how committed you are to the game, but there are some standout options too. If you’re looking for somewhere new to unwind as you hit out a few rounds of golf, then California has you covered.

See San Diego Like Never Before

Gliding across the waters of San Diego Bay is a great way to spend a summer afternoon in the city! Whether you wish to take the wheel, or if you just prefer to stretch out in the San Diego sunshine with a trusty skipper at the helm, Pacifica Sailing Charters and Sailing Tours has the perfect sailing experience for you!

Demystify Japan’s Hot Water Baths: Onsen vs Sento

There are various forms of hot water baths when you travel to Japan, mainly onsen and sento, let’s demystify these for you.

San Diego Beautiful Historic Parks

San Diego is home to stunning seaside cliffs lining the Pacific, and golden mountains laid inland, so it’s no wonder the city is one of the most active in the nation. If you’re like me, and you’ve seen the crowds at Torrey Pines on a Saturday afternoon, you know the joy in finding remote, lesser known areas to exercise and sweat in private. This led me to look no further than California’s favorite historical neighborhood, Old Town.

Improve your Golf Swing Significantly

Gene Parente and Sean Dynes have created a unique and compelling robot for golfers unlike any in the golf world today—a machine designed and born from equal parts inspiration, perspiration, science (specifically, physics) and the natural excitement of play. The purpose? To offer golfers an opportunity to improve their game—significant yardage gain, better control, enhanced accuracy, a consistent swing and appropriate velocity and power that can perfect what a golfer is capable of achieving.

Best Guide to Camping with Infants and Toddlers | FINE Magazine

You have always loved camping: the sense of freedom, being at one with nature – what’s not to love? And you are not alone; camping is rated the top three outdoor pursuits by people of all ages. But, then you had a baby and camping seemed like a metaphoric mountain.


Having proper ventilation while grilling is a crucial aspect of getting a good barbecue experience at home. Fire from your firebox should not smolder but burn freely instead. If the smoke coming from your firebox is light blue, then you have proper ventilation. Improve your BBQ home experience

Great Golf Gift This Father’s Day

If your dad is a golf fan, then this Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to gift him with a new item that will remind him of his favorite sport. Supporting his passion is shown best when we choose something our dad will use. You’re at the right place to get the right ideas when shopping for dad.

Utah National Parks Are Your Next Dream Destination

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful natural phenomena in America. Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park are just two of the beautiful parks that you can find in this gorgeous state. So, if breathtaking views, lush green trees, and stunning rock formations sound like something you’d be interested in, look no further than Utah.

Stay Safe Camping! Don’t forget to take with you the Extinguisher!

If we are camping, we are having a campfire. Campfires are a staple for camping. Although campfires are mostly regarded for their ability to create a bond between you and those who sit around it, with you, campfires can be also very dangerous!

Ways to Reconnect With Old Friends After a Big Move

A lot takes place when you move into your new home. You have to learn the ropes of this new town and get to know the schools if you have young ones. After everything is set and done, you are probably going to start wondering if you can reconnect with old friends because friendships enrich a home.

Five Reasons Why Tennis is One of the Best Sports for Your Health

Everyone knows that physical activity is important for preventing disease and improving overall health. But, the idea of spending hours on the treadmill or sharing dirty weights with a bunch of strangers isn’t appealing to everyone. Five Reasons Why Tennis is One of the Best Sports for Your Health

How to Prepare Your Sporting Business for Summer

Sporting activities are a popular pastime all year round, with many people choosing to make the most of the great outdoors of the American landscape. Yet, it is when summer rolls around that people truly start to get their hearts racing. Due to such high volumes of customers, you will need to prepare your sports business for the months ahead by ensuring you are ready to hit the ground running. If you are struggling to start preparations, you can follow some key tips to help.

The LPGA Has Returned To Southern California

On March 19th the world’s best female golfers arrived at Carlsbad’s Aviara Golf Club and to compete for $1.8 million. For its ninth consecutive year, the LPGA has arrived in Southern California for the Kia Classic. Bring the family and watch some of the world's most calm and skilled golfers.

Fun Activities and Top-Notch Hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas! Now, before anyone starts booking their flight and packing their suitcase it’s important to look into one more thing! That’s right, the hotel/resort. To be more specific, this article will be focusing on several of the incredible hotels and fun activities in Cabo San Lucas. We have put together Fun Activities and Top-Notch Hotels in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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