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Top San Diego Attorneys for 2017

FINE Magazine has gathered together some of the top attorneys in town for your review.

Klueck & Hoppes: Best Overall Law Firm in San Diego

The Law and Mediation Firm of Klueck & Hoppes (K&H) won the 2017 FINE Magazine Readers' Best Overall Law Firm in San Diego County (repeating a 2016 win).

Best Downtown Divorce Duo in San Diego

Antonyan Miranda, LLP is one of the largest family law-only firms in California.

Best Commercial Lawyer: Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C.

Shustak oversees a San Diego–based firm with a national reach focused on securities, financial services and complex business disputes.

The Coopersmith Law Firm

The Coopersmith Law Firm represents individuals and businesses at all stages of litigation, and advises clients on methods to avoid and minimize the risk of litigation.

Gregorovic Law Group, PC

Peter Gregorovic is a semi-retired attorney working in his own private practice.

8 Signs Your Spouse is Seeing a Divorce Attorney

Ilona Antonyan and Timothy Miranda, two of San Diego’s finest family lawyers, know the warning signs well because they strive to avoid leaving a trail of them!

4 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney When Closing on a Home

You need to have an experienced attorney at law to help you go over the contracts and make a purchase that you will not come to regret after closing.

How to Cope When Charged with a Serious Crime

Below are some of the most important pieces of advice to remember if you find yourself charged with a serious crime.

VOTE! Who is the Best San Diego Attorney?

Who are the best lawyers in San Diego?

VOTE: San Diego's Best Commercial, Corporate, and Construction Lawyer

Who is the best commercial, corporate, and construction lawyer in San Diego?

VOTE: San Diego's Best Family Lawyer

Who is the best family lawyer in San Diego?

VOTE: San Diego's Best Criminal Lawyer

Who is the best criminal lawyer in San Diego?

VOTE: San Diego's Best Estate or Trust Lawyer

Who is your favorite San Diego estate or trust lawyer?

VOTE: San Diego's Best Tax, Government, or Bankruptcy Lawyer

Who is the best San Diego tax and government attorney?

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