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10 Products Every Home Should Have

If you want to turn your home into a place of luxury, then there are certain items that you absolutely must have. Some of the items on this list you may not have even heard of, but once you think about them, it is highly likely that you will want to make them an addition to your home. Here is a rundown of 10 products every home should have. To find out more visit

4 Tips to Follow When Starting a Photography Business

Starting a business in any industry has never been easy, and the creative industries are no exception. Artists, writers, and designers are often reluctant to take the plunge. This could have something to do with the commonly accepted belief that it is impossible to make a lot of money if you are working in the arts. However, when it comes to photography, true talent rarely goes unrecognized if you know the best ways to start your business.

Commercial Photography: How To & Top Tips

When it comes to getting some commercial photography done, the reality is that the business clients that hire the professional photographers want to make sure that the commercial photography will truly enhance their business in a positive manner. They want the photography to enable their products and services to be captured in the best possible way in order to promote sales and growth.

Best Holiday Gifts From The Grandparents

Holiday shopping for your grandparents. Memories For My Grandpa: A Keepsake to Remember for Grandma.

The Official LA fashion Week Featured

LA Fashion Week was a big success! Designers from all over the world were featured. Siomara Garcia attended on Friday night, and spoke with some of the top designers, including George Styler, Rinda Salmun, Jeffry Tan and Savira Lavinia.

Dark Hearts, Dark Stars Photoshoot

Our models possess that timeless, classic beauty that reminds us of a muse in a Renaissance painting.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon Photoshoot

Los Angeles area photographer, Gregory Moore presents his two newly-minted models Jamie & Katarina of Los Angeles

Tree and the Desert Photoshoot

This photoshoot, titled “Tree and the Desert” by photographer Dali Ma, showcases that journey of exploration, rebellion, and self-discovery.

Blooming in the City of Angels Photoshoot

This photoshoot, titled “Blooming in the City of Angels” by photographer Dali Ma, focuses on beauty and growth amidst urban decay.

San Diego Fall Fashion Photoshoot

This year, FINE Magazine Fashion Director Siomara Garcia invited four regional designers to display their unique and expressive looks for an exclusive photoshoot and in-depth interviews about their designs.

Haute Noon Fashion Photoshoot

With photos by Wendy Smith––and this stunning photoshoot styled by Liese Victoria––this Haute Noon photoshoot offers a cute, couture look.

Alexis Navarro Velvet Line Fashion Photoshoot

Reminiscent of the 1990s with bright colors and textured fabric, designer Alexis Navarro has created something stunning, a statement piece meant to lift up your wadrobe and elevate it to the next level.

San Diego's 2017 Fashion Redux Photoshoot

This year, the San Diego History Center and the Fashion Program at San Diego Mesa College presented their 6th Annual Fashion Redux.

Tibetan Transplant Photoshoot

This exotic-themed photoshoot is an international-journey in the making! With downtown San Diego as the backdrop for this stunning 'shoot, it was guaranteed to be a beautiful spread.

Sexy Beach Photoshoot

Sylvia Felice is a San Diego-based fashion designer with an urban and bohemian edge.

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