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World’s First THC Wine Born in California

If you've been to Torrey Holistics in Sorrento Valley recently, you may have noticed a display case of Sauvignon Blanc wine with a marijuana leaf painted across the label. This is the world’s first THC wine, and California’s own Rebel Coast Winery has created quite the buzz with it’s launch.

How to Deal With Parasites and How to Combat Them

They can be stopped by basic hygienic actions taken at home that would decrease the chance of their presence in the environment and on any of the family members living there. A few rubbish bins that are strictly for all the rubbish gathered from the household to minimize the number of germs around the house.

Top 10 Benefits of Vitamin E and Its Alternate Sources

There are many uses of Evion 400 for consuming vitamin E apart from that are mentioned above. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 benefits of consuming Vitamin E and its alternative sources:

How are the e-cigarette companies helping people to quit smoking cigarettes?

Although the federal regulators haven’t approved vaping to be an aid for smoking cessation, it is nevertheless marketed by several companies as the life-saving tool for the smokers who have been trying hard to quit.

The Healthy Approach to Dating That Everyone Should Know

We are all hard-wired for love. This love can come in many forms, from platonic to familial, too, of course, romantic. Here is the Healthy Approach to Dating That Everyone Should Know

The importance of positive attitude in diabetes treatment

If you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with diabetes, there is no reason to worry. Although it may seem like your life just got more complicated, it can often signal a warning to change your lifestyle before you acquire other comorbidities. The importance of positive attitude in diabetes treatment

Enjoying a great body sometimes means to put on some weight

While most people struggle to lose weight, some are looking to add on a bit of weight in order to enjoy a more balanced body. You see, gaining weight has nothing to do with fat deposits and eating unhealthy foods.

10 Best Pressure Points to Get Rid of Headaches And Migraines Quickly

Headaches are one of the most common illness we suffer today. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), almost 50 percent of all adults in the world will suffer the pain in any given year. Besides our stressful lives, there are several other reasons for headaches.

5 Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Can Benefit Your Health

Anyone who has ever owned (or been owned by!) a dog knows that those fur babies are so much more than companions. In fact, from companion dogs to service dogs to family pets, dogs offer a number of benefits to your health, some of which you might never imagine. 5 Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Can Benefit Your Health

How Helpful is Physical Therapy for Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain has plagued countless people all around the planet since the beginning of time. Modern advancements, however, have made coping with and eliminating back pain a lot easier for many individuals. Physical therapy is a practice that has helped manage lasting and frustrating back pain issues for many grateful individuals everywhere.

Five Food Items To Consider For Reducing Cancer Risk

The scientific research connecting a healthy lifestyle to reducing cancer risk continues to grow, and there are some specific food choices that are proving themselves in scientific research. Here’s a look at five foods to consider incorporating into your healthy lifestyle to reduce your cancer risk.

Caring for your pets during vacation

Deciding to own a cat or dog is a big responsibility that all animal lovers are very much willing to accept with open arms. Cats and dogs also have specific needs like human beings such as food, water, regular baths and a comfortable place to stay.

The Questions About Diet for Pregnant Women

We have answered the general queries regarding the diet of pregnant women. Here is a list of all the ‘good’ foods that a pregnant woman can and should consume.

Making the most of Tradition, Family, and Celebration

In order to truly celebrate this time-honored annual occasion in style and Grace, perhaps focusing upon the notion of GIVING THANKS regardless of your current circumstance is the most important attribute of the day.

Start Living Sustainably — Here’s How

Such a way of sustainable living is desirable nowadays, especially since there are a lot of threats and issues with the environment. The polar ice caps are getting thinner. Forests are receding like the hairline of an old man. Water sources are getting contaminated.

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