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C is for Cardio By Jason Karp

Interval workouts alternate high-intensity work periods with low-intensity recovery intervals. Aerobic interval workouts target the cardiovascular system by increasing one’s maximum stroke volume (volume of blood the heart pumps with each beat) and cardiac output (volume of blood the heart pumps each minute), along with increasing muscle power by recruiting fast-twitch muscle fibers – thus sculpting the body; the more intense the workout, the greater and longer the post-workout elevation in metabolism, which burns more calories the rest of the day.

Health (Do This NOT That)

Old Way: 30 minutes of easy cardio. New Way: To meet your fat-burning need, do interval training at a fast speed.

Is organic or sustainable really worth it?

Is organic or sustainable really worth it?

Plastic Surgury in San Diego

New tools, innovations and breakthrough techniques continue to revolutionize the procedures

Cedros Design District In Solana Beach

Cedros Avenue is the perfect one-stop-shopping resource. Whether remodeling your home from the floor up or simply accessorizing for the holidays

Design Menu

Creative and more artfully themed designed restaurants and bars have made their way into the neighborhoods and hot spots across San Diego.

Le Dimora: An Essential Step In Style and Luxury.

Why so many clients have turned to Le Dimora to help guide them with key choices in style and scope and to assure each client a fruitful and satisfying experience. Le Dimora Interior Design Specialist Review.

Old World Interiors Jeanette Yearly

Homeowner wanted something “different” other than the same “Tuscan old world” motif that has dominated the design world.

Move To Luxury Homes

Palm Springs Real Estate