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FINE magazine March 2012

As spring arrives in Southern California, we are once again blessed with an abundance of sunshine and a local landscape that is in full bloom; from the desert and mountain terrain, to the sun and surf along the coast, we are reminded of why San Diego is our home.

3 of the Best Golf Courses in Northern California

Golf in Northern California has everything to offer such as picturesque views of mountains and ocean alike.

Review: YourTrainer.Com Can Help You Lose Weight

Emphasizing the connection between client and trainer, simplifies the process of finding the right personal trainer online, maximizing exercise, and fitness goals.

Review: Back Yard Vacations San Diego Landscape Experts

How to turn your back yard into a man cave

What is Core Training and It's Benefits

From the inside out, core training and fitness seeks to stabilize the regions around the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle for added physical support.

PhilanthroTravel Rising

A growing trend among world travelers, ‘vacations with a purpose’ (or simply ‘voluntourism’) extends the unique opportunity to further engage social responsibility; while on vacation, tourists can impact local communities with a variety of volunteer projects.

Bamboo Trends

Bamboo is quickly become one of the most popular source materials for products due to its ability to be easily grown and amazing durability.

One-On-One With Actress Amanda Baker

One-and-one with actress Amanda Baker

Building a Common Ground

Walking through the lower ninth district of New Orleans is, in a lot of ways, like walking through the ruins of an historic Roman city. It has a distinct feeling of emptiness and desolation, as if history had outrun the place and made it into a museum before its time.

Sole with a Purpose

Tom's donates a pair shoes for every one purchased. How many pairs of shoes donated? The number is staggering.