Artist Creates Contemporary Functional Pieces for the Home

Belgian-born Artist Christian Heckscher's Collection

Solaris dining table from Heckscher's collection

Photo Used With Permission

A native of Belgium, Christian Heckscher has made his mark around the world and now San Diego is honored to be the city Heckscher calls home. As an artist and craftsman, he has a varied skill set which is apparent in his commercial company Lift Design: Art for Architectural Details as well as his home furnishings collection C|HECKSCHER COLLECTION.

While studying in Brussels, Heckscher began working as an assistant at an interior design studio. He quickly became fascinated with etching, a slow and methodical process which Heckscher compares to developing a photograph. His initial works in Brussels were small, etched copper plates. As his knowledge of the art form grew while working in the studio, so did his projects. He began creating stunning dining and side tables, complete with intricately etched patterns. This spurred Heckscher’s belief that a table can also be a work of art.

“I have always been attracted to furniture as objects, even as sculptures, something that one can enjoy in more ways than appreciating its functionality. So why not create an object that first will feed your soul, speak to your eyes and your brain and that can also collaborate to enhance the beauty of your functional environment,” asks Heckscher.

The craftsmanship showcased in Heckscher’s designs are also evident in the work of his commercial company, Lift Design. Lift Design specializes in etched metallic aesthetics and featured in corporate branches and hotels around the world in the form of grand murals and ornate elevator doors. Clients of Lift Design include the ANA Hotel in Tokyo, Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and the Lotte Hotel in Seoul.

Most of Heckscher’s designs imitate the natural world due to his profound appreciation for nature. Much of his creative influence is found during long walks on the beach when, looking down, he observes the patterns in the sand. Similar to etching, Heckscher admires the patterns formed and manipulated by the ever-changing ocean tides, the randomness of their beauty. To encapsulate this natural beauty would be challenging for many artists but the pieces within the C|HECKSCHER Collection make it look effortless.

Along with the nearly-perfect weather and flawless beaches, Heckscher adores the people of San Diego. “I cannot count the people, friends and complete strangers who have helped me, in big or small ways, to achieve what I have achieved so far. I feel very blessed and privileged to live in this place in the world.”

And although his designs have achieved great success, Heckscher wishes to continue improving his craft. He plans to “increase [his] collection with larger furniture, such as sideboard furniture, large dining tables and will be launching a line of textiles, rugs and accessories, while always yielding a high-end quality result.”

If interested in purchasing a table from the C|HECKSCHER Collection, there are two means of production available to customers:

The limited-edition collection which features six to 20 pieces already made and selected for purchase, or a custom-made, one-of-a-kind piece created to a customer’s liking.