Be Safe and Stylish this Summer


Be Safe and Stylish this Summer


Now that summer has arrived, you may be chomping at the proverbial bit to get outside and enjoy some serious hiking, biking, swimming and more.

But after looking in your closet, you may realize you're long overdue for a new summer wardrobe. While you're excited to get some new gear and outdoor apparel, you want it to be fun, stylish and reflect your personality.

Fortunately, outdoor wear has come a long way over the years, which means you can easily find the perfect apparel that will keep you safe from Mother Nature, while still allowing you to express your individuality. Consider the following ideas, as well as some brief safety tips:

Prepare for the Weather

Before you head to the hiking trail, beach or bike path with the kids, you'll want to keep some general clothing and safety tips in mind. Regardless of the summertime temperatures, protecting your skin from the sun is a must.

This means wearing sunscreen even on cloudy days and always having plenty of water on-hand. In general, wearing lighter colors will help reflect the sun’s rays, so try to avoid black T-shirts and navy-colored shorts if possible.

Now that you have a friendly reminder of how to stay safe during your outdoor summertime adventures, let’s look at some specific apparel and gear options that will allow you to show off your true colors.

Buy a Brightly Colored Jacket

Even if the weather forecast says there's no rain in sight, it's still a good idea to have a lightweight cover-up with you, especially if you plan to be away from home for hours and are unable to dash back to change out of soggy clothing.

Additionally, if you're hiking to the top of a mountain or boating with friends, things can get chilly. To stay warm while still looking great, opt for a weather-resistant jacket, preferably with an adjustable hood, in a color you love.

Invest in a Bike Helmet That's Colorful and Protective

If you can’t wait to head out on your bike but your helmet is old and worn, consider replacing it with one that will both keep your bean well-protected and reflect your personal style. For example, Bike Exchange sells helmets in a variety of styles and for various functions, including for off-roading and riding around the neighborhood with your kids.

Unlike the plain white helmets of previous years, go with the Bell Super 2 2016 helmet in acid green and dark grey. The all-mountain bike helmet also includes plenty of vents on the side to help keep your head cool on hot summer days.

Look for Swimwear with Built-in Sun Protection

When you were a kid and your mom wanted you to avoid getting a sunburn, you might have had to stay under a beach umbrella or swim while wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt. Now, thanks to swimwear that has built-in sun protection, you can head to the pool or ocean while keeping your skin as safe from the sun as possible.

For instance, the Men’s Short Sleeve Hightide Swim Shirt from Coolibar has built-in UPF protection and comes in a number of stylish colors. The chlorine- and saltwater-resistant swim shirt also features an elastic drop tail hem to help keep it in place.

Stay Safe and Look Great All Summer Long

You definitely don't have to give up your sense of personal style when dressing for the summer heat. By knowing ahead of time what type of practical — and fashionable — apparel and gear you need for warm-weather activities, you'll look great and stay safe no matter the temperature outside.