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HD Beauty: The Skincare Boutique Q&A

Melanie Loschky, founder of HD Beauty

Photo courtesy of HD Beauty

Female entrepreneurs continue to aspire. Meet Melanie Loschky, founder of HD Beauty: The Skincare Boutique located in San Diego. HD Beauty is dedicated to creating
clinically proven products to create healthy, beautiful skin. Apart from her products, HD Beauty also provides a wide variety of facial treatments, including the HD Beauty, the Fire and Ice, and the 24k Liquid Gold. We sat down with Melanie and asked her everything our readers were dying to know. Read on and meet Melanie.

FINE Magazine: Tell us about HD Beauty: The Skincare Boutique. How did you first decide to start HD Beauty? What sets your business apart from the rest?

Melanie: I started my career in the beauty industry working as a makeup artist. This led me into a passion for skincare. Correcting people’s skin concerns and creating a glowing complexion was what I sought after and the reason I went to school to become a master esthetician. I’ve been in the industry for 19 plus years. Coaching people on maintaining a healthy complexion is what I do best. I have state-of-the-art equipment and my custom facial treatments set me apart from the rest. I’m the only one that performs my non-surgical facelift in all of Southern California. I hold a NCEA Master Certified Accreditation which is the highest certified accreditation for the Aesthetics industry in the USA. My boutique is also a training facility for the NCEA.

FINE: What are some of your highlights of running the company?

Melanie: I love reviews. I love it when clients come back to the office and tell me how their skin is improving with their skincare products and the treatments that they are receiving. Many clients tell me they are using less makeup or are no longer wearing makeup.

FINE: Do you have a favorite product from HD Beauty?

Melanie: HD Revitalize, which is a highlight serum that I sell fully loaded with lilac stem cells, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and over 35 peptides to keep your skin glowing and in
great condition.

FINE: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs who might be starting a business—either in a similar or different field?

Melanie: Stick with your vision and never give up. Just take things one day at a time.

FINE: What excites you the most about the future of HD Beauty?

Melanie: The beauty industry is ever-changing and evolving; staying abreast of this multi-billion- dollar industry is what I do best and what I look forward to. Launching new technologies and formulations to better enhance my clients’ results is something I look forward to.