Best Cities For Millennials are in the Midwest

Midwest Takeover: 3 Up and Coming Cities for Millennials   


It’s hard to believe, but not impossible, that millennials are flocking to Midwest cities to plant their seeds for harvesting. Millennials are being smart with their money. Instead of heading straight to New York City or Los Angeles to chase their dreams, they are settling down in Midwest cities that offer a smooth transition from work into an active social life. As you get older, the things you want become the things you wanted and that beer pong table no longer serves its purpose. Making Forbs 2017 list, Minnesota and Michigan are two of the booming upcoming cities the Midwest has to give. It’s out with the old and in with the new when it comes to these three Midwest cities perfect for millennials.




With the 3rd largest college campus in the country, Columbus, Ohio is filled with diehard Buckeye fans. This is a forever growing city with a lot more than just devoted Buckeye fans. Between a vibrant city life, safe suburbs, and countless restaurants that will fix any craving, this city will not let you down. Stay busy in this quirky city with concerts, sporting event, and different festivals around the seasons. Spend your time anywhere at one of the many top-ranked attractions such as the Columbus Zoo, the Short North District, or the nationally known COSI center. Maybe you prefer the great outdoors to a gallery hop; that’s okay too. Columbus has over 80 state parks and 20 state forests to insure you are a happy camper. Coming in as the second largest city in the Midwest, Columbus is the new Chicago!

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota


You’re probably wondering what Minnesota and millennials have in common. Don’t worry, everyone is wondering what they have in common. Well first, they both begin with M’s. From the naked eye, that’s all they have in common, but they actually relate to each other in more ways than one. Minneapolis has a home, to good job, satisfaction above San Jose, California. This city also ranked as a top location for millennials who are looking to buy a house. The median income in this up and coming city is $49,200. Millennials have an ego to them and want to make what they feel they deserve to be paid. Luckily for millennials here, they are getting just that.

  1. Ann Abor, Michigan


Home is where the heart in this city that values football just as much as they value home life. You can find the Ohio State Buckeye’s biggest college rival, the University of Michigan, here in Ann Abor. In this youthful and artsy city, being single isn’t a bad thing. In fact, Ann Abor is a perfect place for single women. With endless museums and enough culture to co aground, Ann Abor is great city for millennials who thrive in artsy environments. Grab a friend and get outside for a hike in one of it’s many trails. Don’t miss your chance to visit Minnehaha. It’s a sight that you can only see in this great city.

What to Remember: Millennials are capitalizing the opportunity to live a balanced home and work life. These cities have everything to support that and more. From beautiful nature escapes to art filled scenes, you can keep yourself entertained. Every city offers its own unique qualities, but there’s something that’s attracting millennials more now than ever!