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The Raving Reviews


Let’s face it, the internet is a big place. In fact, there are trillions of pieces of content uploaded on it every day. There is also little to no regulation about what is placed on the internet and when. So how can you tell what is factual out there, and what is not? How can you tell which businesses are a great deal, and which ones are a scam?


Well thanks to review sites, you can let other people share their experiences and help you determine what is good out there and what is not. Review sites are necessary to keep up with the technology updates of today. They use the power of the cloud to help people share their experiences so nobody has to make the same mistakes they did.


Some of the Best


You have to stay safe out there online. Doing your homework and checking out reviews for a product, service, or website can mean the difference between being scammed, and just having a good time. That is why we put together a list of some of the best review sites online right now: - Created in 2004, Yelp has become a very popular and trusted review site. Typically the bigger the traffic on a review site the better, as you have more information to help you come to a good decision. Yelp has over 102 million reviews of businesses in a wide variety of categories. So it is a great place to get started. - This is one of the world’s largest travel sites, and for good reason. This site doesn’t just help you plan your trip, it has over 350 million customer reviews and opinions left by visitors. This is very valuable for travelers because it helps you avoid the kind of experiences that can quickly ruin a vacation, just by doing a little online surfing and researching. While TripAdvisor has lots of information on hotels, that isn’t all they do. They rate restaurants, tourist attractions, entertainment events, and more. - This is a life-saving site for the online gambler. There are so many online casinos and gambling sites out there today, it would be nearly impossible to know which ones were good and which ones are unsafe without this site. UK Casinos Online has a dedicated team of experts that help people find the best sites to play it. This includes the best deals, as well as the safest casinos, and the ones that offer the best customer service and of course, the best experiences.


Facebook - It is hard to ignore such a busy site with so much online traffic. Facebook has actually become a great place to review a business. This is due to them launching their Professional Services feature, which helps users discover the highest rated businesses in their local area. This has made Facebook an invaluable tool for online shopping.

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