Best San Diego Limo Service: AALL In Limo & Party Bus

Need a party bus for your shindig in San Diego?

Imagine you are at a poker game. All bets are in. You lay your hand out and win big!  What would you do? For owner and operator Mike Reifeiss of Aall In Limo and Party Bus, he struck gold. Uninterested in the mortgage industry, Reifeiss knew he wanted to use his winnings to change his career but he didn’t realize inspiration would strike so soon: as he was walked out of the game, he saw a limo drive by with a group of people having a good time. Reifeiss chose to use his newfound fortune to recreate that fun atmosphere with Aall In Limo.

AALL In Limo 

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This party bus and limo company has been serving San Diego county for the past 9 years. The limo service offers a comfortable way to get from one destination to the next with a friendly and responsible staff. “What makes Aall In Limo and Party Bus unique,” says Reifeiss, “is that we are easy to work with, customer oriented, flexible, fun and committed to making sure our clients have a great time.” 

Aall In Limo’s most popular services are their winery and brewery tours. Groups of women typically do the wine tours to Temecula for birthdays, bachelorette parties and “ladies days.” Aall in Limo arrives in the morning to pick up guests then delivers them to two wineries for tastings. A quick lunch refuels attendees before they finish the day with two more wineries, including Danza De Sol and Falkner Winery. Since San Diego is the mecca for craft beer, men usually gravitate to the brewery tours. Aall in Limo organizes tastings at breweries across San Diego, like Ballast Point, Green Flash and Lost Abbey. The stress of assigning a designated driver is quickly swiped away with Aall in Limo, making transportation from one drinking hole to the next effortless, especially since they can easily accommodate any group size. Aall In Limo and Party Bus is the perfect way to arrive in style for a wine or brewery tour or any special occasion.

Reifeiss’ efforts have certainly paid off. In both 2012 and 2013, Aall In Limo and Party Bus was awarded the San Diego Award in the Limousine & Car Services category by the US Commerce Association. But Reifeiss doesn’t let his success go to his head; Aall In Limo and Party Bus remains locally family owned and operated. They constantly give back to the San Diego community by donating limo services to various local institutions, from high schools to hospitals to community organizations. Reifeiss and Aall in Limo and Party Bus are using their success not just to build a better business, but to build a better community, as well.

Next time you’re in Vegas and the cards are in your favor, look around and go all in- it just might change your life.