Blending The Colored Lens and Makeup

So are you done with the boring glasses? You want to switch to the contact lens to flaunt your beautiful eyes. That's alright, but why stop at that? There is yet another way to make your beautiful eyes look stunning. Colored contact lens is the new way to spice up your appearance. You can go for a subtle change in your natural eye color or a striking one or maybe contrast color lens depending on your mood. One thing you have to be sure that your make up should blend in perfectly with your colored eye contacts. Here we are discussing some useful tips to be the beautiful you by blending the colored lens and makeup perfectly.

Types of colored contact lenses: First let us see what are some key facts of colored eye contacts. They are similar to normal contact lenses in terms of work and vision. They do need a prescription from a practicing doctor to buy. The only contact is there is color in the iris area of the eye. Rest of the area is clear as a normal one. There are two major types of colored eye contacts one is enhancement tint, which increases the natural color of your eye, and the other is opaque tint, which changes the color.

Blending the Makeup with Colored Contact Lenses: There are several prominent eye contact colors like brown, green, hazel, blue, violet, etc. Almost all the colors go with brown but cool blues, greens or silver with black eyeshadow gives you awesome look. For green lenses, pink and purple are the color. However, informal places, you can use natural shadow. For hazel eyes, there are two fantastic colors for your eyelids, either brown or green. Blue colored eye contacts, on the other hand, have various options to choose from. You can choose gold, brown with just a hint of orange, copper, or terracotta. If you are selecting one of the colors, use brown or bronze eyeliner for a stunning effect. And green is the color of violet eye contacts.

Some Tips for Blending eye contacts and make up: No matter what color you use, there are certain precautions you have to take for the health of your eyes. Make sure the comfort should come ahead of fashion. While makeup, you need to put on the contacts first. The makeups should be non-allergic. When using cream eye shadows, choose water-based cream as the oil-based cream can irritate the eye. Always, always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the lenses. It goes for color or normal both the contact lenses. For removing eye make up first remove your contacts in a cleaned and dried hand and then remove your make up. Clean up the makeup brushes all the time and keep changing your eye make up regularly. 

Conclusion: One thing this article can not help you with is which color eye contact you should get. Well, get the color that goes with your personality. Just carry the colored eye contacts, and it will make your eye pop. So be stunning.